17 year old A24 to direct horror film

Ken Parsons. Photo credit: Instagram/@kanepixels

Ken Parsons, the 17-year-old creator of “The Backroom” series, is all set to shoot his first feature-length film with the backing of A24, an entertainment company that has backed such projects Euphoria, Hereditary, Midsomer and everywhere else all at once. film being written by dmz Producer Robert Patino, a two-time Emmy nominee, is also set to don the hat of executive producer for the film.

The production of the film is scheduled to begin during the summer break of 17.

Ken shot to fame after a 9-minute YouTube video titled ‘The Backroom (Found Footage)’ on his channel ‘Ken Pixels’ went viral and garnered 44 million views. The video shows people exploring creepy empty rooms and taps into the internet’s obsession with confined spaces. Since then Ken has published 15 more videos on YouTube exploring beauty.

Marginal Spaces is an aesthetic that attempts to depict abandoned, eerie and surreal places.

Details about the plot of the film are unknown.