2 Multi Cap Funds to Look for with SIP Returns of 3 to 5 Years More Than 50%

It is preferable to invest in multi cap funds, whether the market is bullish or bearish, as the fund manager invests in all segments of the market, including large, mid and small caps, to provide the investor with risk-adjusted returns Get a better portfolio diversification. , The fund manager adjusts the percentage of funds allocated to large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks depending on the market conditions. Nifty 50 has corrected over the last five days, as the 50-point index has moved within the range of 16,100-16,200, but volatility is likely to remain as Nifty 50 is in its five-day, ten-day, twenty-day range. , fifty-day, hundred-day and 200-day moving averages. The Nifty Midcap 150 index is down nearly 17 per cent from its all-time high, while the Nifty Small-cap 250 index is still in bearish territory, down -15.53 per cent YTD. Markets can be volatile in the near term, so investing in equities for the long term with a well-diversified portfolio is a solid option. In a recent research study, brokerage firm Nirmal Bang stated that “the core portfolio for a long-term equity investor should consist of diversified equity funds that are primarily market cap and sector agnostic, with a prime focus on long-term wealth creation.” Investors wishing to invest in equities should go through the SIP route or in a staggered manner using SWP for the next 6-9 months.” So here are two multi-cap funds that have generated over 50% SIP returns in the last three to five years.

Quant Active Fund – Direct Plan – Growth

Quant Active Fund Direct-Growth is a multi-cap fund that was established on 7th January 2013, and now has 2,300 crore in assets under management (AUM) as on March 31, 2022 with a NAV of 402.64 as of May 25, 2022. The fund has a low expense ratio of 0.58 percent, and last year’s Quant Active Fund direct-growth return of 11.14 percent, and has provided an average annual return of 19.80 percent since its inception. Services, healthcare, metals and mining, consumer staples, financial and other sectors are handled in the fund. Vedanta Limited, ITC Limited, State Bank of India, Ruchi Soya Industries. Ltd., Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd. are the top five holdings of the fund.

Duration absolute return annual return
1 year -2.12% -3.92%
2 years 34.06% 31.08%
3 year 65.29% 35.55%
5 year 92.16% 26.47%
Data as on May 25, 2022, Source: moneycontrol.com

Mahindra Manulife Multi Cap Growth Plan – Direct Plan – Growth

Mahindra Manulife Multi Cap Badhat Yojana Direct-Growth was established on 11th May, 2017 and is 1,151 crore in assets under management (AUM) as on March 31, 2022 with a NAV of 20.48 as of May 25, 2022. The annual growth rate of Mahindra Manulife Multi Cap Badhat Yojana Direct is 11.17 percent. Its average annual return since its inception has been 15.29 percent. The fund has asset allocation across financial, energy, capital goods, consumer staples, technology sectors and the fund’s top 5 holdings are State Bank of India, ICICI Bank Ltd., ITC Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd., Infosys Ltd. The fund has an expense ratio of 0.5%.

Duration absolute return annual return
1 year -4.15% -7.62%
2 years 25.47% 23.54%
3 year 43.74% 25.06%
5 year 62.21% 19.44%
Data as on May 25, 2022, Source: moneycontrol.com

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