7 Differences In This Puzzle Will Refresh Your Childhood Memories

Don’t worry if you can’t see the difference.

This puzzle brings back childhood memories as it was found in magazines and newspapers long ago.

Children’s brains can be sharp if they are given puzzles that challenge their memory power and concentration. As a child, many of us must have been given these challenges by our parents and teachers. One such puzzle has been shared by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas aka Dudolf. He shared a puzzle on Facebook in which you have to find 7 differences in 2 identical images.

Beautiful pictures show several animals trying to beat the heat in a green field. The images are filled with different objects which makes it difficult to keep track of the differences. One has to focus carefully to spot the differences. Only 1% of the people can solve it.

In childhood, we all used to find such riddles in newspapers everyday and seeing this optical illusion brings back childhood memories.

Don’t worry if you can’t see the difference. Here are the hidden differences in the image.

  • If you look closely at the ice cream logo on the stand, one image doesn’t have dashes between the words. A kangaroo-like animal can be seen just above the stand.
  • In one image it is facing the stand and in the other it is facing the opposite direction.
  • Upstairs to the right, the bear can be seen holding an ice cream cone, but one image has 3 scoops of the dish while the other has only two.
  • The ice cream stand also has different colored stripes in both the images.
  • In the lower right corner of the image, a long-eared animal can be seen holding an ice cream cone in one image and no ice cream in another.
  • If you look from there to the left, there is another animal holding a cone with several servings on top.
  • One image shows the servings are higher than the other.

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