8 reasons why the ability to breathe is a gift

The benefits of breathing, a fundamental biological function, are countless. Every area of ​​the body receives oxygen as a result of breathing. Many bodily processes, including cognition, digestion, sleep, immunity and stress management, can be enhanced by proper breathing. You can experience mental clarity and less stress as a result.

By Nathan Gallagher, founder of Nathan and a specialist in breathing, “Our breath affects many different systems in our bodies, including the nervous system, immune system, brain function, heart rate, energy production, emotion control and mental We have a huge potential to favorably affect our overall condition with an average of 25,000 breaths per day.”

He listed the following 8 reasons why breathing is a superpower:

1. To process, integrate, and heal emotional trauma, you can go back in time.
2. It is the best tranquilizer. You can control the down-regulation of your nervous system and hack your stress response to induce relaxation.
3. Your body releases about 70% of the poison just by breathing.
4. By paying attention to the breath and bringing conscious awareness, you can concentrate the infinite potential of the conscious mind.

Breathing is a major biological function with unique benefits.

5. It gives access to the expansion of your subconscious mind.
6. By expanding and focusing on your breathing, you can instantly increase your energy levels.
7. Your breath acts as a strong and effective natural sleep aid by lengthening and slowing your exhalation.
8. It has been demonstrated that even five minutes of steady, deep breathing can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety.

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