A Fine Balance: The Hindu Editorial on Tamil Cinema’s Performance at the National Awards


Tamil cinema has recently got a big boost 68th National Film Awards, where it took top honours. whereas sorarai potru hit the headlines With several accolades, including ‘Best Actor and Actress’ categories, other films such as Sivaranjiniyam Inum Sila Pengalum And Mandela He also brought respect and admiration to his teams. The selections showcase the wide variety that Tamil cinema has offered to the audience in recent times. While Sudha Kongra’s sorarai potru – Starring Suriya and inspired by the life and times of Air Deccan founder Captain GR Gopinath – revolves around the desire to be successful and fly the common man too, Vasant Ki Sivaranjiniyam Inum Sila Pengalum A powerful anthology to delve into the minds of women across three time periods. Madonna Ashwin’s Mandela On another level is: an influential political satire that shows how deep caste is in the wider society.

The happiest part is that this national acclaim has come despite the release of these films during a difficult phase for the film industry – COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown. This was acknowledged by the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur, who said that although 2020 was a particularly difficult year for films, the nominations included great deeds. This proves that OTT or theatrical, quality content will stand out. These three important and relevant films which were selected for top national honours, not only bring glory to Tamil cinema but also encourage aspiring and established filmmakers to explore subjects that are rarely raised . But how important are the National Awards? While they don’t define or lead to success all the time, they tend to focus on gems with low ratings that might otherwise be overlooked. For example, Mandela is a classic case: starring Yogi Babu, known primarily for his comic skills, this satire that also talks about vote bank politics, directly on television and later on an OTT platform. When the world was battling the pandemic. this respect Mandela – in the ‘Dialogue Writer’ and ‘Director’s Debut’ category – could be life-changing for his team, inspiring them to work on more significant and impactful cinematic content. With multiple release mechanisms opening up to the advent of OTT platforms, the future looks bright for filmmakers and actors trying to explore different aspects of storytelling. But critical acclaim alone isn’t enough to propel the industry forward; Commercial viability and box-office collections also matter. This is the balance that every film industry should strive for.