After calling the Deputy Chairman Harivansh, Jadayya will say to the divine state:

What will be the Deputy Chairman Harivansh?

New Delhi :

The Deputy Chairman is in a state of paranoia to Harivansh. Harivansh is the state president of JDU. After the divine marriage of the divine, the descendant of the lineage Hari Bhapati will say to Harvi. Resides as the Deputy Chairman of JDU. It is obvious whether it has changed now or not.

this also further

If Harivansh is removed then after voting Harivansh is confirmed as state to make the chairman. It’s a way to relax.

With respect to the proximity in certain seasons. There has been a change in the development of agriculture. According to the post-agriculture animal, Indhar had planted it in the election itself.

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