Akasa: Akasa orders $4.5 billion CFM engines for its 72 Boeing 737 MAX – Times of India

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">akasa air has placed an order for 72 Boeing 737 Maxes ordered at the Dubai Air Show on Tuesday at a list price of $4.5 billion for CFM’s LEAP-1B engines.
CFM will maintain akasa Air engines for high technical dispatch reliability.
The LEAP-1B engine entered service on the Boeing 737 Max in 2017.
Over 600 aircraft have been delivered to approximately 66 operators worldwide and the fleet has logged over 2.5 million engine flight hours.
Vinay Dubey, CEO of Akasa Air, said: “We are extremely pleased to partner with CFM International as we embark on an exciting journey,” said Dubey.
CFM International EVP Philippe Coutaux said: “We are proud to have developed a strong relationship with Akasa and have been instrumental in launching their operations by providing them with industry-leading asset utilization, fuel efficiency and overall cost of ownership.”
In a statement, CFM said: “Since CFM delivered the first CFM56 engine in the early 90s, the company has
Developing a trusting relationship with the major Indian Airlines and playing a vital role in the continued growth in the Indian domestic market. To date, around 600 engines are operated by airlines from the Indian subcontinent and over 1,700 LEAP engines are on order.”