Akshay Kumar condemns Richa Chadha’s Galwan tweet; Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor reveals the name of their baby!

Akshay Kumar took to Twitter on Thursday to condemn Richa Chadha’s Galwan tweet in response to a statement by Northern Army Commander Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi. Akshay shared Richa’s ‘Galwan sej hi’ tweet and said he was ‘hurt’ to see her reaction. Speaking for the Indian Armed Forces, Akshay said that one should not be ungrateful towards them. “It is sad to see this. We should never be ungrateful towards our armed forces. Woh hain to aaj hum hain (we exist because of them),” he wrote.

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Alia Bhatt took to social media to reveal the name of her baby girl. Alia and Ranbir Kapoor, who welcomed their first child earlier this month, named their baby boy Raha. The new mother dropped a picture in which she was seen posing with Ranbir and their baby boy. In the caption, Alia also revealed why she named ‘Raaha’. Furthermore, it was also shared that the name was chosen by her grandmother Neetu Kapoor. Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor tied the knot in April 2021 after dating for a few years. They welcomed Raha on 6 November.

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Veteran actor Vikram Gokhale has suffered multiple organ failure, revealed his family friend Rajesh Damale. The actor, who is a well-known face in Marathi and Hindi film industries, was hospitalized in Pune earlier this month. On Wednesday it was reported that his condition was critical and a few hours later, a death rumor about him went viral. While the family later assures that he is still alive, his friend also reveals that Gokhale is not responding to the medicines.

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Bigg Boss 16’s eliminated contestant Gautam Vig has reacted to the recent fight between Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam inside the house. Speaking to News18 Showsha, Gautam supported Archana and accused Sajid of instigating the model-turned-politician. Gautam mentions that it was Sajid who used to call ‘Baap’ earlier and taunt Archana. The Naamkarann ​​actor also suggested that Sajid Khan should have resolved the argument peacefully by clarifying to Archana whether he was talking about her or not.

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Actress and DIY expert Uorfi Javed is worried whether she will be allowed to travel to the UAE from now on. On Thursday, the Bigg Boss OTT fame took to her Instagram stories and shared a screenshot of a news headline that read, “Travellers with single name on Indian passport not allowed to travel to UAE”. Responding to this, Urfi revealed that her official name is only ‘Urfi’ and expressed concern about her UAE travel plans in future. “So my official name is just Uorfi, no nickname and now I’m fucking sane,” she wrote.

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