Alzheimer’s and Dementia: What is Dementia and the Difference? count and diagnose

Mental illness (dementia) Somatic disease, with times changing times, communication and daytime symptoms are also affected. Such as poor plug-in, ability to select words, plug-in and lack of ability to solve any problems. pregnancy increases. Mainly there is brain degeneration (brain degeneration).

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What are the causes of dementia:

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  • Vitamin deficiency

Symptoms of Dementia:

  • solve the problem
  • Over and over again, don’t text.
  • Not being able to do mutasking.
  • disturbing.
  • The mistake of making a mistake, the forgetting of a mistake.
  • confused feeling

Alzheimer’s disease: what is the disease? How to work and preventive measures

What is – What is Alzheimer’s?

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Test K- Symptoms of Alzheimer’s:

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  • apparel.
  • Feeling feeling.
  • entangle
  • change in behaviour.
  • Work, bad or bad.
  • Putting the opinion on the wrong side.
  • Anxiety feeling.

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Treatment of Diabetes and Dementia- Treatment of Alzheimer’s and Dementia:

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