Anupam Kher relishes this epic Kashmiri dish for breakfast


Anupam Kher can’t get enough of home-cooked food. His amazing food diary features a range of traditional Indian dishes that he enjoys. Well, we have to admit that he continues to amaze us with his various culinary exploits. Anupam Kher Had a mouth watering breakfast on Sunday. their weekend indulgences included a popular cashmere dish is called stab wound, Sometimes called rice bread, chhir chot is a type of Kashmiri pancake made using rice flour and ajwain. The actor shared an Instagram story showing off his food. In the clip, you can see the actor, who is sitting at filmmaker Ashoke Pandit’s house, drinking water.rice cakes,” prepared by Neerja Pandit, Ashok’s wife. The fried betel dish looked very appetizing. Anupam says, “I have come to Ashok Pandit’s house. Now, I’m going to dig into this delicious stab wound, rice cakes Built by his wife Neerja ji. Addressing the audience, the veteran actor says, “Now, I will eat it and you all can feel it.” Check out a screengrab from the video below:

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How often do you relish desi pancakes at home? If you are one of those who like to soothe the rumbling of your stomach with this drool-worthy dish, check out the list of recipes below. These are five delicious Indian pancake-like recipes that can be prepared for breakfast.

1. Gram flour cheela
Made with the goodness of chickpeas and other homegrown spices, this besan cheela Bhog shouts. It can be enjoyed for breakfast as well as for brunch on the weekend. Make it at home and serve it with ketchup or mint chutney. recipe Here,

2. Pesarattu (Green gram dosa)
Want to try your hand at a healthier breakfast item? Pesarattu The answer is. Originating in Andhra Pradesh, this dish consists of whole moong and spices. Packed with a host of nutrients, you must include green gram in your diet. find recipe Here,

3. Oats and Vegetable Pancakes
If you are bored with your regular eating habits OatWell, it’s time to give it a little twist. You can make this quick and delicious Oats and Vegetable Pancakes perfect for the first meal of the day. Actually, the combination of oats and vegetables is unique in this dish. Click Here for recipe.

4. Paneer Besan Chilla
Looking for a heavy and filling breakfast packed with protein? go for this amazing A kind of cheese Besan Chilla For this you have to make batter first. After this, prepare a normal pancake on a griddle or griddle. Once it turns golden brown and crisp, top with onions, black peppercorns and coriander leaves, add grated paneer. Fold it and serve hot. recipe Here,

5. Spinach Pancakes with Oats and Walnuts
You can always rely on this mouth-watering recipe for a nutritious breakfast. Pair the dish with cottage cheese, walnuts and honey for a wholesome experience. find recipe Here,

We hope these recipes will come in handy whenever you decide to cook traditional pancakes at home.
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