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According to information from Delhi Police Police, on August 13 and 15 between 6 am to 1 am • Inner Ring Road – Ab Tak Se Azadpur Chowk • GTK Road – Shakti Nagar to Azadpur Chowk • and Chhatrasal Sthar Road to Hrithik Road From.

In the case of the police, the inverters are expected at 200 hrs and 2,000 hrs. Thus, I

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As per the latest communication, “Final Phase of Steps for Independence Day will launch by last PM on August 14, 2022 Vehicle Update will be on August 15, 2022 by 2 PM.” The facility will not be available.

It is observed that r p r r p r held r held r r to r r to r The Red Fort complex was hit by roofs and other types of clouds, the weather condition of the 75th day This is likely to happen in a season caused by a crisis in the sub-process from the situation. Gave this information on Sunday.

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