Australian YouTuber visits indigenous island tribe with no contact with the outside world

edited by: Akanksha Arora

Last Update: December 09, 2022, 09:26 IST

Australian YouTuber visits indigenous island tribe. (Image: Instagram/@brodiemoss)

The video was shot on Kwakia Island which is home to a Caucasian man whom Moss refers to only as Brett.

An Australian YouTuber, Brodie Moss, recently visited the ‘forgotten islands’ in northern Vanuatu and met an indigenous island aborigine. Taking to his official Instagram handle, he shared a video of the same. The video was shot on Kwakia Island which is home to a Caucasian man whom Moss refers to only as Brett. He regarded the trip as ‘the wildest experience of his life’. He uploaded the entire vlog on his YouTube page.

“I’m on the northernmost island group in Vanuatu, there are no shops, hardly any electricity or reception, and we’ve been eating whatever we can catch from the sea or land,” he says, as He shows them his small hut before the group boards the boat.

“See those islands over there? We’re heading towards them. Those islands are where Brett does business, and where all the locals are from,” the YouTuber said. Further, in the video, tribal people can be seen singing and dancing. A glance:

Since being uploaded, the video has been viewed over 2.8 million times. “It felt very intimidating in the beginning. One thing that really stands out is that those people have nothing but nature. No internet, modern technology… nothing. They are the happiest people on earth.” Look like. Amazing!” commented a YouTube user. Another person wrote, “The surprising thing is that all these ancient tribes seem much happier than us. They live not in the past or future but in the present and all together. Like one big family. So happy kids.” It’s been a long time since I’ve seen.”

One YouTube user wrote, “A villager draws his bow and arrow on Brodie on the village trail. It was hard to tell, initially, whether the islanders would lead them to death or celebration.”

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