Bengaluru musician Sunil Koshy blends music and yoga in ‘Sur Ki Baarish’

Singers of Sur Ki Baarish
| Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Bengaluru musician Sunil Koshy, the co-founder of the popular amateur singing platform From Mug to Mike, has created a unique song – ‘Sur Ki Baarish’ (Rain of Melody), for World Music Day and World Yoga Day (June 21).

According to Sunil, this innovative anthem isn’t a typical song. Composed in a departure from tradition, ‘Sur Ki Baarish’ seamlessly blends seven pentatonic ragas, creating a melody that evolves throughout the piece. This is a first for Sunil, who explains, “The lyrics and tune do not repeat… This means more preparation for the team and practices for the singers.”

The song isn’t just about experimentation with the ragas; it also carries a powerful message. Sunil hopes listeners will be inspired “to include music and yoga in their lives, for better, healthier lives and to be happy.” Music lovers and students are encouraged to “explore beyond and ignite the curiosity to learn the composition and know about different ragas.”

The accompanying video complements the song’s message. Singers are showcased in serene outdoor settings – a lake and greenery near Jigani, South Bengaluru – highlighting the calming nature of music. Interwoven with these scenes are yoga practitioners, led by instructor Nitesh Batra and his daughter Trayambika, who also contribute their voices to the song. These shots were filmed at Batra’s Ashtanga Yoga Sadhna studio in Bengaluru. The choice to showcase both music and yoga wasn’t a coincidence.

“June 21 has been World Music Day for many decades. It also became Yoga Day in the last decade. So, the thought has been in our minds since the last year,” says Sunil.

Sunil and his team plan to screen the music video among college students and music and yoga enthusiasts. They’ll also host a student show and online talent showcase to encourage people to follow their passions.

The creation of ‘Sur Ki Baarish’ was a collaborative effort. Sunil is joined by his long-time collaborator and lyricist Sahil Sultanpuri, who penned the evocative words that dance with the music. The concept and direction come from Archana Hallikeri, who helped weave the music and yoga themes into a cohesive whole. The voices filling the song belong to a talented group: Nidhi Srivastava, Jayati Roy, Dr. Jai Ganesh, BK Srinivas, Prabhudev Balappa, Metri Nitesh Batra, and a children’s chorus featuring Aditi Ganguly, Trayambika Batra, and Aneesh Prabhudev Metri.

Sunil also teaches an elective, Music and Management, at MS Ramaiah Institute of Management.