Bhandari: India-born lawyer accuses Delhi of misleading UK court in extradition case – Times of India

London: Defense middleman wanted Sanjay Bhandari An India-born barrister got to appear at his extradition hearing in London on Monday and accused Delhi of deliberately misleading a British court with “pieces of patchwork” to back his charges of money laundering and tax evasion. Put it.
Practicing in both London and India, Harpreet Giani has presented himself as an eminent lawyer and expert in Indian law. on argument, Gianni The court described the Indian government’s extradition request as “outrageous” and “misleading”. “Someone has sat down and said, ‘We cannot satisfy the harshness of this country’ [the UK], So let’s choose our words carefully. I am not here to judge their intentions,” said Giani.
“It’s the normal way they’ll draft and it’s misleading and it will be called in India, so I’m doing it here. I believe the result of the choice of words is to mislead you and they know That you will be misled. Indian authorities are trying to mislead this court.”
Giani is a senior advocate of the Chandigarh administration and was appointed counsel for the Liberhan Commission, which probed the incidents. Babri Masjid demolition in 1992. He also sits as a justice of the peace at Westminster Magistrates’ Court – a magistrate appointed to hear minor matters, grant licenses, etc., in a city, county or district – where Bhandari’s trial is taking place.
Bhandari, who is present in the court, is opposing his extradition to India after being declared a fugitive.
Giani said the Indian government “pulled together elements unable to be put together” to make a case against him. Bhandari that “is not valid”. He informed about Bhandari’s foreign assets. Panama And this United Arab Emiratesshould not have been disclosed in the extradition request.
Gyani argued that money laundering was not proven as non-declaration of foreign assets on the tax return does not automatically make these proceeds of crime.