Bhoomi, a play, deals with the conflict between myth and reality.

A play that looks at violence, vengeance and resolution on the body of gender


Adishakti Lab brings to the fore the multi-hyphenated Vinay Kumar as Artistic Director and Managing Trustee for Theater Arts Research land, An English adaptation of Sara Joseph’s Malayalam play Bhumi Rakshasam, to Hyderabad. Vinay Kumar directs the play which addresses physical aggression against women and some patriarchal reactions at various times in history.

While it attempts to negotiate a dialogue between opposing worlds, the play shows two actors – a director and an actor – in their journey very differently entangled by questions of gender violence, vengeance and resolution on the body. The play traces the journey of a theater director who begins to question his value system and society through his characters.

Director Vinay Kumar says the team is excited to be able to stage the play after four years of continuous efforts to bring the play to Hyderabad. Explaining it as a drama, which deals heavily with experimental ethical practices, he says, “Myth and storytelling are intertwined. Indian philosophical logic is associated with myths, which in turn have an amazing capacity for storytelling. When we decided on a layered verbal narration, we decided to do it in a way that connects the present with the past. ,

still from the ground | photo credit: special arrangement

He explains that the play looks at their dissonance-resonance and independent trajectories with each other. “What happens when the creative premise you are working on falls outside the realm of art and play and stares you in the face as your reality? What do you do when your art starts talking to you? When a resolution seems impossible, as the situation is demanding with a sense of urgency? How do you respond to a serious absence of answers?” He was amazed..

The play will be staged on 26th August at 8 pm and 28th August at 7.30 pm @ Rangbhoomi cultural venues and events.