BJP’s numbers in the Rajya Sabha are unlikely to rise before 2024, 5 states will play an important role. India News – Times of India

New Delhi: The ruling BJP has touched the 100 mark for the first time. Rajya Sabha and became the first party to cross this threshold, another milestone in the party’s continued pursuit of dominance.
However, the number of members of the party will once again come down to 100, which will include four of its members. Upper HouseAfter retiring in three weeks, the party has gone a long way from its goal of being the first non-Congress party to win a majority in both houses.

However, from now on the path will not be linear. Another nominated MP will retire on May 3 which will effectively reduce their numbers further. At present, nine of the 12 nominated members are part of the BJP, taking its current tally to 100.
Even though the BJP’s tally will fall below 100 in the coming weeks after four of its MPs retire, the party may make up for its losses by June-July, when 53 more seats will fall vacant. Twenty MPs will retire in June and another 33 in July. Since there will be 11 vacancies Uttar PradeshThe BJP will be able to maintain its strength because of its numbers in the recently constituted UP assembly. Another big jump in the BJP’s numbers in the Upper House is not expected before early 2024, when there will be 54 seats for the biennial election.
However, it will depend on how the ruling party performs in the five assembly elections – Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh later this year and Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan – later next year. If the BJP wins a majority on its own in the Upper House by April 2024, it will be the first time since 1982 that the same party had a majority on its own in both. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
The retirement list of members shows that the President will have to nominate seven members in the next three to four weeks. The seven nominated members who are going to retire include Subramanian Swamy, Mary Kom, Swapan Dasgupta, Roopa Ganguly, Suresh Gopi and Narendra Jadhav in April and Sambhaji Chhatrapati in May. Barring Jadhav and Kom, all five had joined the BJP in the upper HouseAccepting the party’s whip.
Under the existing rules, 12 members are nominated by the President from amongst persons having special knowledge or practical experience in literature, science, art and social service for six years. Although nominated members always vote for the government, nine in the current house are preferred to be counted as part of the ruling BJP, giving the party real numbers of strength.
Meanwhile, the NDA will have to pass important bills in the Upper House with the help of non-UPA and non-NDA political parties like YSRCP and BJD, the way it has managed in nearly eight years when some smaller parties, independents and nominated The members supported the ruling coalition.

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