candles that capture a moment

When it̵

7;s time to celebrate, stock up on scented candles from around the country that evoke memory, emotion, or a holiday.

When it’s time to celebrate, stock up on scented candles from around the country that evoke memory, emotion, or a holiday.

Shraddha Sareen started armature “An electric stove, old pots, a slab of soy wax, my favorite scent (lavender buds), and cotton sticks from my grandmother’s sewing cupboard” from a small room in her house in 2017.

Five years later, the Varanasi-based brand has seen a surge in popularity. In addition to container candles, which are invigorating roses, cedar wood, wildflowers, and spices, it showcases its signature candles – lavender, pine, vintage rose, cocoa, and berry – and candles hand-dipped in the scents of pillar candles. . Candles cost between ₹250 and ₹1,800. The home business employs women and men from marginalized communities, and creates unique designs for armatures using traditional crafts and raw materials.

Sareen, who has done her MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai, and has worked in the corporate sector for two years, says her candles are made with the people they love by making them a “representation and reminder of the good things in life – positivity”. use them. Childhood, Celebration, Exploration, and the Slow Life”.

Hand dipped Christmas candles.

Of all the candles, Sarin says hand-dipped candles are her favorite. “Hand-dipped candle making is one of the oldest known processes in which a long strand of cotton wick is repeatedly dipped in a vessel filled with molten wax until it reaches a certain size. ,” she says. On average, a 17-inch-long hand-dipped candle takes about seven hours to make.

In addition to the Diwali collection (Gul, Amrit, Dhara, Heer and Noor), the Maple collection (curated with Mysticetti magazine) is Armatura’s top seller. “The collection includes our bestsellers Smell Old Books, add honey to your pancakes, and get ready for mulled wine,” she says. She recently launched the October collection with Rukmini Ray Kadam, who runs the décor blog TrueMatter.

Top Choices: Gul, Nap in the Park, Hot Cocoa

monsoon and tea

This Delhi based home candle brand was born out of a simple idea on the rainy evening of August 2020. Manasvi Malik, a visual identity designer and candle lover, decided to combine three simple delights – rain, tea and candles and launched. his brand. “I want the user of my scented candles to experience simple everyday joys, a sense of familiarity and security, such as the hug of a loved one. I try to infuse that experience into every fragrance blend that is idealized and created So the names of our scents are feelings or experiences – home, warmth, revival, etc.,” says Manasvi.

in line with seasonal rhythms.

in line with seasonal rhythms.

Talking about her creative process, she says that she is “infused with seasonal rhythms and all the collections also draw inspiration from those cycles”.

Manasvi says, “Everything from color to quantity, from single fragrance notes to entire blends and names – it’s all driven by the seasons and my desire to experiment.” Candles cost between ₹600 and ₹2,500.

Top Choices: Home, Tranquility, Comfort Zone


Mechanical Engineer, Nihar Shege lights candles as a birthday present for his mother’s 50th birthday. “But I realized there was a huge gap in the market. Brands were either uber-luxury and too expensive or they offered cheap products that were doing nothing,” he says. This inspired Nihar to launch Mumbai-based Buggy, a sustainable luxury brand. “To me, bogey means attainable luxury. The fact that it meant candle in French was serious,” he says.

Memories as fragrance.

Memories as fragrance.

The company started with a strong focus on R&D and customer choice. “I wanted to turn my experiences and memories into fragrance. So each candle has a story, a memory attached to it,” says Nihar.

The brand currently offers 12 variants (prices start at ₹1,299) and is working on more options. It is currently sold through its website and marketplaces like Amazon. “With more and more people wanting to make their homes more attractive, sales are increasing,” says Nihar.

Top Choices: Patisserie, Tobacco Otter, Gilly Clay

la lumiere

Vanessa Lopes started La Lumire to offer a range of hand-cast soy wax candles, inspired by the sun, sand and sea for which Goa is known. “We are a premium home décor brand focused on the principles of minimalism and aesthetics. We rejoice at being at home and taking care of ourselves,” says Vanessa.

Pastel colored candles.

Pastel colored candles.

The beautiful, light-colored candles, which cost between ₹350 and ₹3,500, are almost a work of art – so much so that you won’t want to burn them. The independent, single-member business ensures the brand is effective in delivering a “product from the heart.”

Vanessa adds, “Every La Lumiere candle is carefully designed and hand-cast in small batches in Goa, and we hope people enjoy experiencing them as much as we enjoy making them.”

Top Choices: Shelby, Pretty Penny, Venus

ava vela

Launched in Goa in 2020 by Nikita Priambada, Ava Vela is a luxury home fragrance brand that aims to provide a sensory experience through a range of cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan products. “Our scents and candles are inspired by memories shared with friends and family, which will take you back to nostalgia and evoke deep feelings,” says Nikita.

Inciting nostalgia.

Inciting nostalgia.

Ava Vela’s candle making journey began with only one thing in mind: Fragrance should bring people together no matter where they are. Priced between ₹250 and ₹700, the candles are sure to create a wonderful ambiance. “The fragrances we use are on par with high-value Perfumery Company products to ensure long-lasting, carefully curated fragrances. This is what makes our candles great—for lighting and for scented home decor. In form,” says Nikita.

Top Choices: Goa Tour, Midnight Walk, Date Night

country dispensary

Native Apothecary began life in 2018 as Happy Bathing Company, a line of cold process soaps and other toiletries. Founded by Vandana Singh, the brand was rebranded in 2021 with a focus on home décor. The Noida based brand focuses on customer experience, quality and innovation to create home decor items that offer a stylish ambiance.

Wood Wick Wax Candles.

Wood Wick Wax Candles.

“We are not just a candle brand, we strive to bring unique, high quality, natural, locally grown, manufactured and grown products to our customers. Our product offering includes wooden wick wax candles which Manufactured in completely plastic-free packaging that is sourced from small-scale producers,” says Vandana. Candles cost between ₹249 and ₹749.

Vandana says, “We support many small farmers and wild flower and grass forests located in the hills of Manipur, Nagaland and Kashmir.”

Top Choices: Coffee Cedarwood, Lavender Bergamot, Orange Mint

making candles last

* Use all kinds of candles in different places – tea lights, votives, pillars, jars, containers and tapers.

*Place them in places that attract your eyes – your coffee table, window or bookshelf.

*Tapers work well in pretty candelabras or vintage wine bottles at the dining table.

* Create a group that works well. Back up your candle with books, shells, decor items, flowers, and more.

* Pop a scented candle in the bathroom – beautiful decor that’s functional.

* Cut off the wick before lighting a new candle for longer life.

* Let a jar candle burn until the wax has melted to the same level, to avoid wastage caused by improper burning.