Case registered against Kapil Sharma for breach of contract – Times of India

SAI USA Inc has filed suit against Kapil Sharma for breach of contract from his 2015 tour North America,

According to Amit Jaitley, a well-known promoter of the show in the US, the matter pertains to the six shows that Kapil Sharma signed and paid for in North America in 2015.

Jaitley alleges that the actors failed to perform in one of the six cities they had promised and were committed to make up for the loss. But Jaitley said, “He did not protest and did not respond, although we tried to contact him before the court several times.”

He further informed ETimes TV that the matter is still pending in NY court and they will definitely take legal action against him. Actor currently. is in Canada and is set to perform in New York in the second week of July.

Kapil had left for Canada last month. He has already performed in Vancouver with his team which includes Krushna Abhishek, Rajeev Thakur, Chandan Prabhakar, Kiku Sharda and Sumona Chakraborty. The cast of TKSS is now in Toronto for another live show.

We have also left a message for Kapil, there was no response from the comedian at the time of writing this article.