Chennai-based restobar aims to tell ‘Same Old Story’ with a Pan-Asian plot twist

Dim lighting, leather sofas, shiny surfaces, thumping music, a well-lit bar and familiar faces – these are the markers of most pubs in Chennai. While some venues strive to differentiate themselves from others, Same Old Story (SOS) on Greams Road, which launched late last year, sees merit in the monotony.

“When days are good, we celebrate with the same group of friends and when we have a bad day, we share a drink with a friend and tell them it’s ‘the same old story. We chose this name because there is a comfort in the familiar,” says partner Rohan Ahuja.

On the one hand, SOS sells familiarity as its brand and on the other, it serves only Pan-Asian food, claiming it to be its unique selling point. ‘Asian Grub Pub’ is written right in front of the building. The kitchen is managed by the Asian Station in Anna Nagar.

Putting confused identities aside, we try out some of his best-selling books. Som tam, green papaya salad served with sweet, tangy, salty and sour dressing. Papayas cut into noodle-like strips and topped with roasted peanuts add to the crunch of the refreshing salad.

Dumplings are a staple at Pan Asian restaurants and SOS has many options to offer. Wild Mushroom Dim Sum comes loaded with shiitake. The mushrooms are fresh, juicy and pair well with the chili-garlic oil.

Lotus Stem Sushi

Rohan says that the number of people who like to eat sushi has increased in the last few years and he recommends the crispy Lotus Stem Sushi. On top of the veg roll sushi with broccoli, cream cheese and nori is a slice of crunchy lotus stem that adds to the texture of the dish.

From their signature cocktail, we give a taste of Fisherman’s Tale. This drink is made with tequila triple sec, lime juice, blue curacao, and fresh red chilies. The addition of chili makes this a perfect pairing for a Pan Asian meal. Also refreshing are the mezcal mules with gold tequila and ginger beer served in copper mugs with a splash of lime.

This pub used to be PlanB and SOS is a charming upgrade. It has green leather sofas, gold walls, yellow lighting and faux greenery. There is plenty of room for those who want to dance to their pop and Bollywood tracks or hit the pool table for a game or two.

Price for two including beverages is ₹1800. the same old story is located Murugesan Naicker Complex, 65/5, Greams Road, Thousand Lights West