Chennai: Treated, used water flows into Porur Lake. Chennai News – Times of India

Chennai: Metrowater authority A great achievement has been achieved quietly. Using an ultrafiltration system, it has tertiary treatment of eight million liters of secondary wastewater nesappakkam plant and releasing it Porur Lake, Releasing treated wastewater into reservoirs has many environmental benefits.
It compensates for the loss of evaporation; It helps to recharge the groundwater level in and around the lake; And, it also helps in streamlining the process required to reduce pollution in rivers and lakes. A senior executive engineer at Metrowater said that ultra filtration is a pressure-driven membrane separation process that removes suspended particles from water, making it safer.
He added that it also removes dissolved compounds from wastewater. The treated water of Nesappakkam treatment plant travels 9 km through pipelines and then gets discharged porur Lake.

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