Desi slams publications for claiming Kim Kardashian set nose rings ‘trend’

Kim Kardashian has often been criticized for cultural appropriation. She annoyed the desi in 2020 after gold bangles and sports demand comment There is no mention of the cultural roots of those jewellery. Earlier, she has been accused of adopting Japanese culture and black hairstyles. Last year, things heated up on social media after wearing a pair of ‘Om’ earrings. Earlier this year, he and his daughter, North West, did Nose Rings la the Desi. wore attached For Paris Fashion Week.

Now, pop singer Lizzo is wearing the same nose ring as the VMAs, and a publication has credited Kim Kardashian for “the trend.” “Lizzo follows the trend set by Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West,” the publication wrote. Desis has widely criticized the move. Although the publication noted that nose rings have been a tradition in India for centuries, they said the “trend” was set by Kardashian, which sparked Desi on Twitter.

Most were unsure how Lizzo fits into the conversation as nose rings are also worn by some African tribes. Much of the social media anger was directed toward the publication, meaning the “trend” was set by Kardashian and her daughter.

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