Does COVID-19 directly affect the brain? Here’s what the experts say

He also suggested people to stay fit and take a healthy diet rich in Vitamin C.

Doctors suggest that those suffering from neurological issues and those affected by COVID-19 should be more careful.

India reported 17,092 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours and the positivity rate stood at 4.14 per cent. The pandemic has affected millions of people and the disease is yet to be completely controlled. People with neurological diseases are curious to know whether COVID-19 can affect the brain when infected with the disease as many people affected by Covid-19 have seen brain strokes and seizures. However, experts suggest that there is no solid evidence to establish a COVID-19 infection with an effect on the brain.

Dr Gaurav Kesari, Neurosurgeon of Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad said that some COVID-19 infected patients have been found with brain stroke and seizures. However, no concrete study has come to the fore in this regard so far. Therefore, it is difficult to tell if any neurological problem can be caused by COVID-19.

He also suggested that if infected persons also suffer from neurological issues, they may need to take special care. Patients should take their medicines on time and consult doctors if any other symptoms are found.

Dr Amit Kumar, a doctor at Goel Hospital, Faridabad, said that the biggest effect of COVID-19 is being seen on the lungs. When the infection spreads to the lungs, there is a lack of oxygen to other parts of the body. It also affects other organs like kidney and heart. So far no proven research has revealed its effect on the brain. He said that some patients have had symptoms like headache.

According to experts, people should follow government guidelines and wear masks, use sanitizers and follow social distancing in public places to avoid getting infected with COVID-19. He also suggested people to stay fit and take a healthy diet rich in Vitamin C.

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