DTC for joint effort to avoid overloading in school auto

Schools in the district reopened on July 5 (Tuesday) and Deputy Transport Commissioner N. Shivaram Prasad has urged the management of schools, parents and autorickshaw drivers and owners to come together to make children’s rides “safe”. New Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

The managements of the schools who see their students coming by autorickshaw should keep a regular register noting the details of the autorickshaw number, name and details of the driver, how many children in it (exceeding the permissible capacity or as per norms) and a Monthly parents should keep. In the teacher meeting, the parents were told about the danger of overloading the vehicle.

“Taking a lesson from the recent incident in which five people died in Tadimari mandal, parents should insist on sending their wards if a permitted number of students is brought in and the transport department and Help the district police make the roads safer. Everyone,” said Mr. Shivram Prasad.

Following the instructions of the District Collector of Anantapur, the Transport Department organized awareness programs for autorickshaw drivers in the offices of Anantapur, Rayadurg, Tadipatri and Guntakal. More than 200 drivers participated in the meeting.

At the Anantapur office, transport officials explained the dangers of overloading, the need to ensure vehicle fitness, permits, insurance and having pollution NOCs at all times. The department, in collaboration with the district police, will conduct a special drive to investigate such violations from Tuesday, and punish the drivers for the first two violations and file a charge sheet against the auto owner and the driver during the third violation so that both are punished. can be ensured. have gone to jail.

He said, “If parents and school management co-operate, the safety of children can be ensured and all schools should install CCTV cameras in front of their main gates, where these vehicles come to record violations and any They also help the police in the matter of investigation,” he said. , He said RTA officers and police could be part of the parent-teacher meeting, in which the safety of students could be discussed.

Meanwhile, out of 740 registered school buses, only 449 had their fitness renewed for the new academic session starting Tuesday.