Election Commission of BJP candidates, for the first time since 2024

Haryana President Dhankhar (Photo)

New Delhi:

Haryana Election Commission 2022 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be healthy. In the event of elections, it will be decided what will happen in the case of 18 city council and 28 city party. The election management said: Clean of the city council: The medicinal product of the season, whatever you type in the season,

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Meeting in Panchkula on June 1

Dhankhar had said that I will hold a meeting in Panchkula on November 1. Voters voted. ️ BOTH PARTIES️ PARTIES The election dates were announced by the Commission’s Chief Electoral Officer Dhanpat Singh. Parivartan, there will be monthly voting from May 30 to November. Matchtni on 6 November. Withdrawal date on 7th June. In the long run there will be inequalities as well.

is on June 19

… will ring by morning on 19th July. Thus, once the constituency becomes eligible, the model code of conduct will come into force. There are total 93 bodies in Haryana. The election was announced in 46, which was active in the election.

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