Fact Check: Not a real anti-terror operation, this viral video shows CISF mock drill at Faridabad metro station

A new viral video purportedly shows an anti-terrorist operation at a metro station in Haryana’s Faridabad. Security officers can be seen aiming guns at the kneeling man.

In Video A woman who appears to have been shot from inside the metro train can be heard saying, “It was being announced for several days about terrorist activities in Faridabad. Force has been deployed today.”

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AFWA found that the video is of a mock drill conducted by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and does not show a real terrorist being caught.

AFWA investigation

We could not see the name of the metro station in the video. However, we did see a higher increase with the boards reading “SSR” and “CMR” in the background. We searched for “SSR” and “CMR” on Google Maps and found a . found images of lookalike building uploaded by users. According to Google, the building is located at Mathura Road, Ekta Nagar, Faridabad, Haryana.

On Google Maps we were also able to find that NHPC Chowk Nearest to this building is the metro station.

We further searched for videos of NHPC Chowk metro station on YouTube and found a video from the station which gives a similar angle to the SSR Corporate Park building seen in the viral video.

Thus, we were able to ascertain that the video is from NHPC Chowk metro station in Faridabad. Thereafter, we got in touch with Faridabad Police spokesperson Sube Singh for more details.

Speaking to India Today, Singh said that the video shows a mock drill conducted by the CISF.

“In the video you can see the mock drill by CISF which took place on June 24 at NHPC Chowk metro station. It was part of routine activity and no force other than CISF was involved,” he said.

Faridabad Police And the fact check division of PIB has also tweeted that no terrorist is caught in the video in question.

Thus it is clear that the viral video is part of a mock drill by CISF.

(with inputs from Yash Mittal)

ClaimThis video shows the arrest of a terrorist at Faridabad metro station. conclusionNo terrorist is shown being caught in this video. Faridabad Police confirmed that the video shows a mock drill conducted by CISF at NHPC Chowk metro station.

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