Glazer family ready to sell Manchester United completely: report

Last Update: January 25, 2023, 15:24 IST

Manchester United Stadium Old Trafford (AP Image)

Lifelong Manchester United fan Jim Ratcliffe has expressed his interest in buying the beloved club

The Glazer family owns Manchester United, the prestigious Premier League club, since 2005. Hardcore fans of the Red Devils have long protested against the Glazers’ controversial, debt-ridden 18-year reign. The Glazers announced in November 2022 that they would explore external investment opportunities for the club. Now a report in the Daily Mail suggests the controversial American owner is set to sell the entirety of the club this year.

Prior to this, there was some speculation that the Glazer family might retain a controlling interest in Manchester United. But the latest report from the Daily Mail will be welcomed by United fans who have called for a full takeover of United rather than an investment in exchange for a stake.

Reportedly, interested parties have signed confidentiality clauses and have been given access to the club’s financial status. US merchant banker Rhine Group is handling the potential sale.

The Glazers bought Manchester United in 2005 in a deal worth £790 million. They are now looking to sell Manchester United for £8 billion, reports Mirror Football. This fee is more than the £4.2million that Todd Bohly paid for Chelsea. If the deal does indeed go through, it would make Manchester United the most valuable sports team in the world, eclipsing NFL franchise the Dallas Cowboys, who are said to be worth £7.23 billion.

United’s new owner would have to foot the bill for redeveloping Old Trafford or building a new stadium. United’s training ground is also in need of a significant upgrade.

Lifelong Manchester United fan Jim Ratcliffe has expressed his interest in buying the beloved club. The British billionaire had previously tried to buy Chelsea before a consortium led by Todd Bohli narrowly beat him out at Stamford Bridge.

Manchester United have an illustrious heritage, but the fan-favourite club is now well away from the golden Sir Alex Ferguson era as it has not won any sort of major trophy since 2017.

United have not won the Premier League since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. The club is on an upward trend under Erik ten Haag and is one of the best supported teams in the world. United’s prestigious position guarantees massive business opportunities to the winning bidder.

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