Here Are 5 Make-Up Hacks Only Queens Can Pull Off Who Can Tell You

Apart from being a talented artist and creative, drag queens also know some makeup secrets that can revolutionize your own makeup routine. Drag queens use the power of makeup to channel their alter ego and leave their audience mesmerized.

Let’s take a look at five makeup secrets shared by drag queens:

let your foundation cook

The first step of your makeup which involves setting up a perfect base starts with the foundation. One must let their foundation rest and cook or bake as drag queens call it before starting with the next step. According to Tops shared in a report in Bustle, one should apply a liquid foundation or two to one’s face and let it sit before starting to blend with a brush or sponge. Once the foundation sits on your face for five to ten minutes, blend it in and see how smoothly it glides onto your face. Another tip shared by drag queens involves leaving foundation on your lips if you’re planning on applying lipstick.

invest in highlighter

Listen to Drag Race UK contestant Tays, who swears by highlighters to add that extra-edgy and glamorous look to your makeup routine. Not everyone is interested or even an expert in contouring their faces, but a good highlighter will brighten up your face like no other product. There are many products in the market that provide that perfect shade of glow that will add a touch of drama to your face.

Apply as much product as you want

The drag queen isn’t known for her subtlety, so you can’t expect her to know the “no-makeup look.” For drag queens, it’s about the extra drama that makes them stand out from the crowd. So you can choose a bright red lipstick, and extra deep shaped eyebrows and embrace it.

lip liners are a must

More than a good lipstick, a lip liner makes an essential makeup product for the drag queen. The lip liner is perfect for long lasting lipstick wear and will also prevent the perfect lipstick application pout from spreading all over your skin. Lip liners come in handy to accentuate the shape of your lips, especially your cupid’s bow. As Tyes told Cosmopolitan, “I like to even out the liner a bit on the sides of the upper lip, and then center it just above my natural lip line where Cupid’s bow is. It’s a game changer.” “

Hairspray is also a makeup fixing potion

A drag queen knows that hairspray will make your makeup last, no matter what summer or winter. You don’t have to spend on expensive fixing spray. However, one thing you must remember is that hairspray should only be applied if you have an intense moisturizing routine.

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