Here’s Why You Should Do Ardhachandra Yoga Asana Everyday

Ardha Chandrasana specifically helps you bring out equanimity, calmness and peace. (Image: shutterstock)

Lunar energy helps you to develop empathy, compassion, creativity and connect with hearts, read to know more-

As much as the Sun is fiery and all about passion and high-octane energy, the Moon on the opposite side is cool, calm, and very creative in nature. Ardha Chandrasana as the name suggests especially this asana bestows calmness and peace to the moon. It brings out the brightness and color of the light from within. The talents symbolize the representation of the subtlety and grace of the Moon.

The push and pull of life pulls people to sit up late at work, till the sun comes up. Gluteus, quads and hamstring muscles become tight due to continuous sitting for long periods of time. Ardha Chandrasana also known as Half Moon pose is an ideal asana for those people.

Because each asana is about geometry, our inner geometry matches the geometry of the outer world, the universe. It should also be flawless in terms of symmetry. So, when it comes to the angles, make sure you have deep relaxation in your body and mind and get the proper posture with your palms in perfect alignment above the shoulders and hands, the leg that is down is absolutely stable and for you Deeply connected. To be stable even in myself. The beauty of Ardha Chandrasana is the combination of being still and flying in this pose.

It is erect and a challenging posture.

As the moon goes through phases to reach full moon. We also need to practice the preliminary asanas to get the right posture. Make sure that your sensations, your senses, and your awareness are all in sync together, and with all grace and tenderness you hold this posture and do not use aggression anywhere, because aggression does not allow you to create balance. Gives, it will tip the balance. This can also cause injury.

Hence, there is a need to warm up well before getting into the actual pose. You can do any individual muscle group movement as a compound movement or warm-up to stretch every part of the body, especially your shoulders, back, lower back, glutes and hamstrings. are going to play

How to do:

Stand with feet apart, bend into Trikonasana, while inhaling slowly raise your leg and try to balance on one leg and one arm. Try to wear it as comfortably as possible. Repeat on the other side. Keeping your attention on the upward movement and alignment of the arm, perpendicular to the ground is so important that leads to the stillness of mind that we call “steadiness” in yoga.


  1. Strengthening the core muscles: Strengthening your core muscles builds confidence.
  2. Improves Body Balance: Practicing it on both sides keeps you well coordinated and stable in your being and mentally. Ardha Chandrasana in particular also helps you bring out equanimity, calmness and peace, once again the lunar pose representing the moon is all about gathering, integrating and balancing coolness.
  3. Makes Your Legs Stronger: When you strengthen your feet, it helps to direct your energy throughout the day with clarity.
  4. Good Body Stretch: Stretching, on the other hand, expands the spaces on your own being and helps you move better within your fluid and air-etheric element. When an air-ether element is stable then your movement and mental state also becomes stable.
  5. Cellular Regeneration: When done together, all types of stretches and twists tend to contract most of our toxins in our organs. That’s when we draw fresh nutrient and oxygenated blood to our organs. Therefore, rejuvenating our organs and cellular regeneration is great.

Holding the asana for extended periods of time helps us to improve concentration, focus, determination and resolve. With determination we can achieve anything.

“All yoga asanas translate into a stable, strong, confident personality. People who master Ardha Chandrasana are disciplined, they are very focused, determined, and most importantly they are visionary people,” Global says leading holistic health guru Dr. Mickey Mehta.

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