How to start UPSC Preparation – Beginner’s Guide to Cracking Civil Services Exam 2022

UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) Every year it is done by lakhs of people across the country, still, only a small part of them clear the exam and move a step ahead. UPSC exam is not only demanding in terms of its syllabus size but it is also challenging due to its highly uncertain nature. There are three stages of the exam – Preliminary Exam (Objective), Main Exam (Written), and Interview (Personality Test).

It is important to note that UPSC CSE cannot be cracked by being a mere bookworm. The last step in the process is the personality test round, in which the UPSC board conducts the interview to assess the personality of the candidate. Apart from academic proficiency, it compels the all round development of the individual. Since most of the freshers remain confused as to how to start your preparation quest, below are some UPSC study tips that can help you prepare for the exam:

be determined: Before attempting to understand how to start UPSC preparation at home, you must educate yourself about this quest. Make goals and dedicate time effectively. Also, prepare yourself mentally and physically

In-depth knowledge of the syllabus: Students should prepare a concise and accurate knowledge of the nature and scope of UPSC exam syllabus. This kind of understanding is very important for good preparation as it helps in understanding what to study and what not. In particular, the exam does not require very broad or in-depth knowledge, it requires people who know something or the other about everything and are not professionals. As the questions are set from the syllabus, candidates must keep a close watch on the syllabus and cover the selected syllabus in a smart way. Previous years question papers reveal the anatomy of the exam.

Create a preparation strategy: A good technique is an adequate plan which gives a clear direction to the preparation and explains what is to be done and how to accomplish it with scarce resources. Candidates must adopt a smart strategy with every step detail. Also, students must consider the strategy of the toppers and acquire certain elements like their study pattern.

Follow Smart Study Pattern: A proper study pattern also helps in determining the type of questions, observing the most appropriate source of study material and mastering the time management abilities.

Select Study Material: NCERT books for class 6th to 12th play a very important role in UPSC exam preparation. Candidates can get important concepts and concepts from NCERT books. These books give very accurate information. In addition, they are also reliable as the source is the government itself. In earlier years UPSC has asked direct questions from these books.

Principles to crack Prelims: UPSC Prelims is definitely the first target, but it is mainly inseparable from Mains exam as the syllabus is largely general. Prelims requires students to prepare for Multiple Choice Established Tests (MCQs).

Stay updated with current affairs: Newspapers are the most important aspect of the exam. If you don’t watch daily newspaper or follow daily news for exam then you can’t hope to crack this exam. The topics asked in Civil Services Exam are directly or indirectly related to current affairs.

Amendment: Revision is very important when you are facing tough exam like UPSC. Since the syllabus is vast and varied, it is natural to overlook the things that you studied earlier. To avoid this, revision is necessary.

UPSC Interview: This is an important stage of the process where you will be assessed on qualities like diplomatic ability, communication skills, presence of mind, stress response etc. You will also be asked questions about your hobbies, interests, education and work. Experience.

Staying positive is the most valuable aspect of the overall UPSC quest. There are times when this can be quite harsh and you will feel depressed. Get the pessimistic thoughts out of your head and work on them.

Sriram Srirangam, Founder and Director, IAS of Sriram. written by

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