Hurt by the success of India’s democracy and institutions, some people are attacking it: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi The remarks came amid BJP’s scathing attack on the Congress leader, who said on Saturday that the success of India’s democracy and its institutions is hurting some people and hence they are attacking him. Rahul Gandhi For his criticism of the state of democracy in India.

Speaking at the India Today Conclave, Modi said India has shown the world that democracy can deliver and also took a dig at various opposition parties for coming together over the crackdown by various investigative agencies against their leaders in alleged corruption cases .

He said that earlier where scams worth lakhs of crores used to grab headlines, now the coming together of corrupt people who are scared of taking action in corruption cases has become news.

The Prime Minister lauded the strength of various institutions of the country, which has led to increased participation of people in elections, successful conduct of several elections during COVID-19, strong economy and banking system amid the global crisis, and administration against Coronavirus by over 220 crores More vaccine doses.

Whatever India is achieving today, it is because of the strength of our democracy, the strength of our institutions, he said.

“It seems to me that this success is hurting some people and hence they are attacking our democracy and institutions,” he said.

He said that when the country is full of confidence and resolve and intellectuals of the world are optimistic about India, then there are talks of pessimism, showing the country in bad light and hurting the morale of the country.

Modi said without naming anyone, it is a tradition to apply black tika when some auspicious work is happening, so when so many auspicious things are happening, some people have taken the responsibility of applying this black tika.

His remarks come amid a political slugfest over Rahul Gandhi’s remarks made during his recent visit to the UK, with the BJP accusing him of defaming India on foreign soil and seeking foreign intervention.

The ruling party has recently hit out at billionaire financier George Soros over his critical remarks about the Modi government, saying that some foreign powers want to destabilize India.

Modi said he was confident that despite such attacks, the country would move forward swiftly to fulfill its objectives. He said that at a time when India’s role is becoming global, the Indian media should play a global role.

He said, ‘The world realizes that India’s ideas and capabilities are for global good. That’s why the world is saying this is India’s moment.”

He said that bomb blasts by terrorists in our cities and Naxal attacks in our villages used to make news earlier, but now headlines are more about peace and prosperity.

Modi, on a lighter note, said that the media earlier gained a lot of TRPs by exposing various scams and now it has a chance to increase its TRPs by showing action against those involved in corruption.

He said, “You should not come under any pressure and should not lose this opportunity by maintaining balance.”

Modi said the world is saying that this is India’s moment and this has been possible because of the change in promise and performance in the country.

The Prime Minister said that all governments work to the best of their ability and get results, but his government seeks new results and works at a different pace and scale.

“Today India is the fastest growing economy in the world, it is the number one smartphone data consumer, it is the second largest mobile manufacturer and it has the third largest startup ecosystem,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that the world’s leading economists, analysts and thinkers are saying in one voice that this is India’s moment.

He said that welfare schemes for the poor existed earlier also but people know what they achieved. He said that his government has brought about a change in their efficiency, speed and scale.

More than three crore houses have been given to the poor in the last nine years, he said, stressing that this has also led to the empowerment of poor women as in most cases they have got joint ownership rights with men.

He said that our government has given human touch to governance and people now believe that it cares for them.

Citing an international report, Modi said that only 30 per cent of the global population has legally registered titles and added that lack of legal ownership of properties is a major impediment to global development.

Many developed countries are also facing this problem. Although today’s India is leading in this field as well. In the last two and a half years, PM Swamitva Yojana has deployed technology and done mapping of land through drones. Till now the drone survey of 2.34 lakh villages of the country has been completed and 1.22 crore property cards have been distributed.

“We wanted new results and so we increased our speed and scale. We built over 11 crore toilets at a record pace. We added 48 crore people to the banking system.

Stating that this is “India’s moment”, he said the period is unprecedented for the country in this decade.

The achievements of the first 75 days of 2023 are a reflection of this, he said, while highlighting several development milestones during the year.

In about 75 days this year, India received a “green budget”, an airport was inaugurated in Karnataka, the next phase of the Mumbai Metro was launched, the world’s longest river cruise was launched in the country and the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway has been started, he said citing various other development initiatives. He also cited the Oscar wins for two Indian productions as he emphasized that India is making rapid progress in various fields.

“We have given human touch to governance. With schemes like the Vibrant Village Programme, we have given priority to villages that were considered low-priority villages,” he said and cited the development’s focus on the northeastern region.

He said that the “India Moment” that is being talked about across the world today is not normal, especially when the biggest pandemic in hundred years has engulfed the world along with the ongoing war between the two countries.

“A new history is being written and we are all watching it together,” he said.

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