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">Boeing Serious unrest struck for Kolkata after 737 hours Durgapur The price of the approach on Sunday night is SpiceJet dear. The DGCA has removed the aircraft maintenance engineer who cleared the aircraft to take off from Durgapur, the pilot who flew it as a ferry flight (without passengers) to Kolkata, and the airline’s maintenance control. The center chief had pending its investigation.
Three passengers still in hospital, including two in hospital ICUFollowing injuries to the brain and spinal cord, the DGCA said.

DGCA officials said strict action would be taken soon against the airline’s top flight safety honchos. Additionally, DGCA chief Arun Kumar Ordered a thorough investigation of the entire SpiceJet fleet.

On Sunday, a SpiceJet plane faced air turbulence when it landed in Durgapur.
Flight SG-945 took off from Mumbai to Durgapur at 5.13 pm on Sunday with 199 people – 195 passengers, four cabin crew and two pilots. “During landing, the aircraft experienced severe turbulence. During this period the autopilot was switched off for two minutes and the crew flew the aircraft manually,” the DGCA said in a statement. “The oxygen panels of the B737 opened and the oxygen mask fell off. (a) Some seat hand rests and overhead decorative panels were damaged. a cabin overhead bin (Hattrack) lock was found broken.

Due to the severe unrest, 14 passengers and three members of the cabin crew were injured. The injuries were to the head, spine, shoulders, forehead and face.

SpiceJet later operated the aircraft to its nearest maintenance base, Kolkata, for repairs as a ferry flight. But flying this badly shattered plane is being seen as a security breach.
The regulator has constituted a multi-disciplinary panel to probe the incident of disturbance. SpiceJet says eight of the 11 hospitalized passengers have been discharged and that both the cockpit and cabin crew had made “several announcements asking passengers to sit with their seat belts on” when the Boeing 737 was hit by turbulence. was being affected.
aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia It tweeted on Monday: “… DGCA has appointed a team to probe the incident. The matter is being handled with utmost seriousness and tact…”
A SpiceJet spokesperson said, “SpiceJet is providing all possible help to the injured. The seat belt sign was on when the aircraft encountered turbulence … Due to the severe turbulence, some passengers suffered injuries. Medical assistance was provided on time on arrival. ,