in Poona

Poona, October 2: A party of hundred women from Bombay under the aegis of Rashtriya Stree Sabha arrived here this afternoon and two hundred women from Poona joined Shri Gandhi’s pilgrimage on his birthday. They joined a long procession and at 3 pm silently proceeded towards the gate of the jail. Members of the committee representing all communities went to the jail superintendent and sought permission to meet Mr. Gandhi. The superintendent very politely expressed his inability to accede to his request, which, as he said, was beyond his power. The women then requested him to send flowers and betel leaves to Mr. Gandhi. They then gathered at the prison gate where Mr. Gandhi’s birthday song was sung and prayers were offered for his release. When this ended, the party mournfully backed down. At this time some people were actually seen weeping bitterly. The party then participated in refreshments provided by Mrs. Capt at Mr. Khadwani’s royal house.