Indian-origin Scotland Yard official sacked for ‘objectionable’ messages – Times of India

London: An Indian-origin officer is among the two sacked Scotland Yard A year’s worth of social media messages, including one containing a racist joke, were investigated without notice for their highly offensive and discriminatory behavior after a professional standards investigation Meghan MarkleDuchess of Sussex.
Police Constable (PC) Sukhdev Zero and pc Paul HeyfordBoth attached to forensic services at the Metropolitan Police faced a misconduct trial, which concluded this week that the charges against them of exchanging obscene messages were proven.
The tribunal heard details of several racist posts about Markle, including a racist slur, about Markle, shortly before her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018.
“These vile messages were shared in 2018 among a small group of officers within a closed WhatsApp group. I need not say that it is completely unacceptable for anyone, let alone a police officer, to behave like this. The actions of all three are unforgivable,” said Commander John Sewell, of the professional standard.
“complete Had a meeting The focus is on rooting out and rooting out anyone who displays this type of behavior and degrades the Met and the public we serve. This kind of behavior will absolutely not be tolerated and we are giving this message to our officers and employees at every opportunity.”
The officers faced an allegation at the level of gross misconduct that between December 2017 and December 2018, while working in the Central East Command Unit, he was part of a WhatsApp group on his personal phone.
They used the group to exchange messages, memes and other content that was inappropriate, highly offensive and discriminatory. The content was discriminatory based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and disability.
“This adverse behavior damages that trust and I want to apologize to every single member of the public who has served in this area,” said Chief Superintendent Marcus Barnett, who leads the Met Police’s Central East Division.
“These officers, rightly so, have been dismissed. I don’t want any official to engage in this kind of behavior anywhere around your community. I would personally email everyone working in the Middle East to reinforce the message that words matter, respect matters, and every time someone sends a message like this they do real hurt. , “They said.
pc to make fun of And Hayford will now be added to the barred list organized by the College of Policing.
Those not on the list cannot be employed by the police, the local police body (PCC), the Independent Office for Police Conduct or Her Majesty’s Constabulary and the Inspectorate of Fire and Rescue Services.
The officers also faced an allegation at the level of misconduct that they failed to challenge or report the other members of each group for their behavior.
The message came to light when another former officer, Richard HammondThe phone was investigated as part of an unrelated criminal investigation. He was sacked without any notice in October 2021 after being convicted for subverting the process of justice.
The Met Police said it is “working hard to rebuild trust in the nation’s largest police force and recognizes that we have much more to do.”
Each Met employee is talked about responsible use of social media, full adherence to professional boundaries, and actively intervening and challenging wrongdoing.