India’s first converted Mercedes-Benz C-Class EV with 150km range – Times of India

Electric vehicles in India have come a long way in a very short span of time and conversion of ICE vehicles to EVs has been a popular idea in the country for some time, but with little success. In order to bring down emissions levels, many already existing vehicles have to be converted to sources of electricity and this is one of the many problems surrounding such conversions. The Delhi government had announced in November 2021 that diesel cars older than 10 years would not be allowed to ply in the national capital until their engines were completely replaced with electric drivetrains.
Trying to seize this potential opportunity, Delhi based Tadpole Projects Now a 19 year old has turned Mercedes-Benz C-Class From ICE to EV.
This Mercedes-Benz C-Class used for the conversion was a petrol version car produced in 2003. The car has not only been converted to electric but is also equipped with new age mobility features such as GPSGeo-fencing, and remote performance appraisal.

The company gives a warranty of 3 years on the battery and 2 years on the EV kit, which we feel is a bit low but may improve in the future. As of now the car supports only AC charging and takes 5-6 hours to fully charge the battery. The company says that there is also a provision for DC charging if needed.
Tadpole Projects claims that the car has a maximum speed of 90 kmph and covers a range of 150 km on a single charge. The company also says that the speed and range of the car can be increased from 150 kmph and 250 kmph respectively as per the requirement of the customer.