Kitchen Tips: Use these easy tips to keep Manj fresh for a long time

Kitchen Tips: Many types of recipes can be made from Manjan.

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  • How to store mom for a long time.
  • Considered beneficial to the environment.
  • Store with the help of these tips.

How to Store Mushrooms: One of the best winter mushrooms, they have a distinct texture and flavor and can be prepared in a number of ways. You can make a relish with some of these green peas, use it as a salad topping or simply roast them, maxims are always good. Due to their unique taste, mushrooms are often added to soups, jerky and even biryani, making them a dish and relish. Many of us prefer to take the test by preferring homemade ads. But, while the prototype of making mom is considered widespread. Storing allergens can be tricky.

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You reach for those little plastic containers or bags. They stay fresh for a day or two but go bad after that. When you see dark spots on the skins or when they become sticky or wrinkly, this is a sign that they are not good enough to eat. A common way to slightly extend the life of a recordum or any other plant. Although this method is effective, it helps only to a certain extent.

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If you too are struggling to keep your khatta fresh for long, check out this tip shared by Chef Pankaj Bhadauria.

The chef, in an Instagram reel, claims that Maxim has a high water content, which is why it has a short shelf life. To keep them soft and crunchy, first take an air-tight container and line it with some tissue paper. According to the chef, this will last longer as the tissue paper will soak in the water as well. In the next step, take some tissue paper over the maze, close the container properly and put them to work.

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The chef says that this way the shelf life can be up to a week. So, now you don’t have to worry about your marinade going bad and can easily make some delicious dishes even after a week.

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