Kutch Craft Collective brings the curated crafts and colors of Kutch to Hyderabad

Handcrafted Bag by Kasab | photo credit: special arrangement

Come December 8, Hyderabadis will get to see and buy a colorful potpourri of Kutch crafts and textiles. It is the first of its kind three-day performance by the Kutch Craft Collective (KCC), an alliance of five leading crafts organizations – Kala Raksha, Khameer, Kasab-Kutch Craftswomen Producer Company Limited, Srujan Creations and Vivekananda Gramin. Development Institute (VRDI).

under one roof

cushion by creation

Cushion by Creation | photo credit: special arrangement

Few contemporary brands have a range of handcrafted products, but what stands out is finding curated crafts under one roof, says Pankaj Shah, co-founder and mentor, KCC. Collectively formally registered in 2021, it has had exhibitions in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai. “The alliance organizations have played a significant role in the revival and development of the age-old cultural craft of Kutch while creating livelihood opportunities for thousands of artisan families living in remote areas of the district. They share a common vision and values ​​and regularly collaborate at strategic level and for both promotion and market development of Kutch crafts.

The five organizations bring together 12 traditional crafts in the exhibition – from textile crafts such as ajrakh, batik and tie-and-dye to non-textile crafts, including lac work, leather crafts and clay crafts. The collective, says Pankaj, emerged to combat counterfeit products. “There is a lot going on in the name of craft, so most people are not sure whether a product is authentic and whether it is hand made or machine made. Since these organizations are known for their work at the grassroots level, there is value addition in these products.

black cotton by yeast

Black cotton by yeast | photo credit: special arrangement

Live demonstrations of crafts by artisans are a regular feature at traditional craft shows, but this one will showcase products made by members. “These organizations work independently with around 8,000 artisans across the region, so it would be difficult to bring them all in. Each organization brings with it the story behind each craft and products.”

The exhibition by Kutch Craft Collective (KCC) is on from December 8 to 10 at Craft Council of Telangana, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills.