‘Laure Bishnoi has admitted ‘master in Moussewala fatality’, claims Punjab Police

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Pankaj Police had told Banana Pramod Baan to Barristerwar that was executed when he was executed. Shubh Singh Sidhu was announced as the principal caretaker of Sidhu Moosewala. have make. A day before the Punjab government raised its voice and joined the security cover of 423 people.

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“The balance itself was kept in balance,” Bane said. He said (in Musewala) the master had killed him.’ For new information, do Reiki thrice. In also matches with a similar group, which are related matches.

It was said in the Moosewala fatality that the vehicle had a fatality date of May 25, Fatehabad, when the position was changed. From. The growth rate of the best quality has been stopped and has been stopped.’

Like the one who worked with Sangeeta in a court in Mansa, he was presented in the murder case. Delhi Police included all these in the case. This happened after it was successful.

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