Learn from mistakes of parties in ‘terminal fall’: PM Modi in Hyderabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked BJP members to learn from the mistakes of those parties which ruled India for a long time but are now in “terminal decline”, as they have exemplified qualities like restraint, balanced approach and coordination between them. emphasized.

In his speech at the last session of the BJP’s national executive, PM Modi called on party workers to strive to make India “Shreshtha” (Great) and said that its goal was to shift from “appeasement” (appeasement) to “tripikaran” (fulfillment). ) should be. , something that has accused the opposition parties.

“This will lead to development for all. No one should be left behind,” he said.

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He called for a “Sneh Yatra”, which BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said at a press conference, aimed at promoting affection and co-ordination in the society by reaching out to different sections of the people.

PM Modi called for “P2 to G2” (supporter for good governance) in the party’s political and governance model.

Hitting out at the opposition, PM Modi said the country was fed up with dynastic politics and dynastic parties and said it would be difficult for them to survive for long.

Emphasizing on the need for party workers to stay connected with the people, he said that they should not make fun of or make fun of those parties which are in last fall and instead learn from their mistakes.

Recalling that he mentioned in the 2016 party meeting about BJP workers having the qualities of “sevabhava, balance, restraint, co-ordination, positivity, goodwill and samvad (service, balance, restraint, coordination, positivity, empathy and dialogue)” PM Modi reiterated his message to BJP members in Sunday’s address.

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In the two-day executive meeting, the party took stock of its organizational activities and appreciated the central government for its economic policies and overall governance.

Party leaders said issues such as the killing of a tailor by Islamic fundamentalists in Udaipur and the Nupur Sharma controversy were not discussed in the meeting, although the obituary reference mentioned tailor Kanhaiya Lal.

Referring to Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar, a name with roots in the city’s Hindu cultural heritage, PM Modi said Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel laid the foundation of “Ek Bharat” (United India) by integrating the region into the Union and it BJP has a historical responsibility. Build ‘Shreshtha Bharat’.

He said that whatever is good in the country belongs to every Indian, he added that the BJP believes in this philosophy and that is why it celebrates leaders like Patel, who was a stalwart of the Congress, and dedicated museums. Paying homage to every Prime Minister through the medium. To all former prime ministers.

The Prime Minister also hit back at the opposition parties for questioning the democratic credentials of the BJP and asked what is the state of democracy within their organisations.

PM Modi said that his government has worked for all and around 200 crore Kovid vaccines have been given free of cost to people across the country. He said that India’s exports have increased and the country has received record FDI.

Referring to the efforts of the BJP governments at the Center and in the states to empower women, he said that they have repeatedly expressed support for the party in the elections and it should continue to work for their welfare.

In his speech, PM Modi also mentioned BJP-led NDA’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu and lauded her visit from humble background and asked party MPs and MLAs to ensure that they cast valid votes. Because even a small error can invalidate them.