M Singhvi sets up Rs 2 crore endowment at OP Jindal Global University to provide scholarships to law students

Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India, Dr. Abhishek M Singhvi has established Singhvi Endowment at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS). They have signed an endowment agreement to set up a “Singhvi Endowment” worth Rs 2 crore. Dr Abhishek M Singhvi is a Member of Parliament (3rd term) at the age of 34 and the youngest nominated Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court.

Announcing the Singhvi Endowment, Dr. Singhvi said, “Our goal in establishing the Singhvi Endowment is to give it back to the society from which I have benefited immensely. Singhvi Endowment’s vision is to provide access to world-class education for youth who cannot afford and empower India’s leading universities to promote excellence.”

There will be five major components of the Singhvi Endowment:

Dr. Abhishek M Singhvi Outstanding Youth Scholarship: The aim of the scholarship is to recognize the outstanding merit of those entering Jindal Global Law School. It will be awarded on an annual basis to the toppers of LSAT-India entrance exam for admission in JGLS. Awarding this scholarship will be a recognition of the merit and potential of young law students as they begin their legal studies.

Anita Singhvi Outstanding Youth Scholarship: The objective of the “Mrs. Anita Singhvi Outstanding Youth Scholarship” is to recognize the outstanding merit of young law students who are admitted to JGLS and to encourage and support them in their continued study to become outstanding law professionals. This excellence scholarship will be awarded on annual basis to the topper of LSAT-India entrance exam for admission in JGLS. The award of this scholarship will be a recognition of the merit and potential of young law students.

Dr. Abhishek M. Singhvi Academic Award and Gold Medal for Outstanding Academic Performance in Administrative Law: It is an award and medal instituted to motivate and celebrate the topper student in the course of “Administrative Law”. The award will be a recognition of his efforts, endeavors and success in a branch of law that is highly relevant in the governance of a self-organised, democratic and restructuring global society based on the principles of the rule of law.

Dr. LM Singhvi Annual Global Conference on International Law and International Relations: The conference aims to draw inspiration from the early efforts of Dr LM Singhvi, who worked within the intersecting realms of international law and international relations, and draw inspiration from his work in global society. The main focus of the conference will be on the intersections of international law and relations – among them thought and practice – on areas such as diplomacy, inter-state relations, strategy, dispute settlement, economic and cultural relations, and law and policy-making.

Dr. LM Singhvi Memorial Annual Lecture Series: The lecture series aims to focus on topics close to Dr LM Singhvi’s heart, including legislative process, international relations, diplomacy, international law, Indian culture and global solidarity. The overarching philosophy of the lecture series is to share Dr. LM Singhvi’s vision and thoughts to the younger generation through topics that inspired his thoughts and actions.

Commenting on the special occasion, Professor (Dr) C Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor, OP Jindal Global University (JGU) and Founding Dean, Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) said, “This is a historic occasion for JGU and JGLS. Is. Be the recipient of the prestigious Endowment by Abhishek M Singhvi, though it is a clear testament to Dr. Singhvi’s outstanding commitment and dedication to higher education and legal education, his choice of JGU as the institution to realize his commitment is a big deal for us. is recognized.

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