Mahsa Amini’s death: Iran’s minister accuses western countries of plotting against him, says this

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7;s Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Baqeri has defended his government following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody in September this year, which triggered mass protests in the country. The country’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs, Ali Bagheri, said, “Mahsa Amini was not killed, she passed away.” Escalation of tension during protests.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Ali Bagheri on Thursday said, “Mahsa Amini was not killed, she passed away. We have seen the atmosphere created by some western media regarding the development in Iran. This atmosphere is baseless and is misleading. We are seeing the rights of the Iranian nation being violated by these Western powers.”

“Western powers do not talk about the people of Afghanistan, Palestine or Yemen. They do not condone or condemn these actions. Who are the real killers of these people?” Minister who is visiting India as part of political consultations between the two countries.

According to media reports, Iran is facing one of the largest demonstrations of discontent in recent history following the death of a Kurdish-Iranian woman detained by “morality police” on 13 September this year. Meanwhile, the UN Human Rights Council is set to hold a special session on the ongoing human rights violations in Iran. More than 40 people, including two teenagers, have been killed in Iran over the past week, the UN human rights office said on Tuesday.

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According to the OHCHR, thousands of protesters have been detained across Iran for participating in peaceful protests following Amini’s death.

Spokesman Jeremy Lawrence said, “At least six people linked to the protest have been put to death on charges of ‘moharbeh’, or ‘waging war against God’, or ‘ifsad-e fel-arz’, or ‘corruption on earth’ The sentence has been passed.” ,

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“A large number of people, including sportsmen and men, have been summoned or arrested” for expressing support for Iranian celebrities and protests, he said.

According to the OHCHR, security officials reportedly responded “with force” to demonstrations in several predominantly Kurdish locations on Monday evening, including Amini’s hometown of Jawanrud and Saqqez. Two 16-year-old boys were among the six people killed over the weekend, according to the UN rights office, which said more than 300 lives, including 40 children, have been lost since the nationwide protests began on 16 September . The Iranian official has also reported that several security force personnel have been killed since the protests began.