National Good Teacher Award: Ramachandran wears school uniform, spends most of his salary on school

Ramachandran, a secondary class teacher at Bogalur Union̵

7;s Panchayat Union Primary School in Keelambur, will be honored with the National Best Teacher Award on Teachers’ Day.

Ramachandran, who has spent more than 80 per cent of his salary, has changed school over the years. In order to get the best of technology to the students, Ramachandran has procured laptops, computers and mobile phones for the students at his own expense. In an effort to inculcate a sense of unity among the students, Ramachandran has also acquired himself the same uniform as the students and reaches the school everyday in his uniform. Ramachandran proudly says that when he receives the award on September 5, he will wear a government school uniform.

Ramachandran was born on 2 June 1982 in a village called Sembongudi to father Kamatashi and mother Bethai Ammal. He was raised with two brothers and two sisters. Married to Nagalakshmi, Ramachandran has two sons and a daughter. Ramachandran’s family was always dependent on agriculture.

He did his primary schooling in his hometown Sembongudi Primary School. After that he studied from class 10th to 12th in a government aided school in Thiruvaranga. After completing his schooling, he tried to study with the district teacher education And did not get a seat at the Research Institute. Due to financial constraints at home, in the year 1999, he worked in a tea shop in Madurai.

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From 2000 to 2002 he did teacher training from District Institute of Teacher Education and Research in Manzoor. After that, in the year 2005 he joined MV Pattinam as a primary school teacher near Thondi in Thiruvadan taluka of Ramanathapuram district. Meanwhile, he completed BSc in Mathematics, BEd in Mathematics and MSc from Paramakudi Evening College. He later did his Ph.D. from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

In 2006, he was transferred to Bogalur Union Chovvoor Government Primary School and in 2008 he was transferred to Bogalur Union Keelambur Government Primary School and is still working there.

Ramachandran’s son studies in Sembongudi Government Primary School, the same school his father studied. He said that his elder sister Muthulakshmi did not even know how to spell her full name. Ramachandran said that he is working in the field of education so that the lives of poor people can be improved.

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