Netizens Point At Akshay Kumar Using Bhuvan Bam’s Joke In Katputli, Later Reactions

Akshay Kumar was back on screen once again after Raksha Bandhan with Katputli, a film directed by Ranjit Tiwari, on 2 September, a remake of the 2018 Tamil film, Ratansan. There was a dialogue being used by Akshay’s character during his first interaction with Rakul Preet Singh in the film. Netizens did not reveal how the film’s team picked up on Bhuvan Bam’s joke.

In a scene in the film where Akshay and Rakul meet for the first time, Akshay Kumar Explains relationships and their value to her niece and says “First comes God, then parents, then your siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors and then teachers.” To this, Rakul, who plays a teacher and Akshay’s girlfriend, replied, “Don’t you have dogs in your house? You can put them on the list too.” To this Rakul’s character replies, “Don’t you have dogs in your house? You can put them on the list too.” Redditors pointed out how this is taken from Bhuvan Bam’s ‘Angry Masterji’ act. One user wrote, “Looks like Akshay Kumar is also a big fan of Bibi.” Another joked, “Copy is a little inspiration.”

Bhuvan himself reacted to this. Bhuvan shared a picture from the movie scene on his Instagram story and wrote, “LOL.”

Bhuvan Bam reacts using his dialogue to the makers of Katputli

We wonder what else Bhuvan would have to say about it. Earlier, Akshay Kumar opened up about the puppetry and said, “Set once in Kasauli amidst the backdrop of nature’s beauty, the film unearths incidents of ugly murders. It is full of thrilling twists and turns. Playing the role of Arjan Sethi, an underdog investigation officer, who is on his way to catch a psycho killer whose motives are unpredictable and unclear. Here, revenge is an illusion and the final act of the film is unimaginable and will leave you completely surprised. Will give – and that’s what makes it unique!!”

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