New on Netflix in June: ‘Peaky Blinders: Season 6,’ Pete Davidson Special, and more

Here is the full list of titles to be released on the platform in the next two weeks

Here is the full list of titles to be released on the platform in the next two weeks

Received on 6/2/2022

Borgen – Power and Glory

Foreign Minister Birgit Nyborg’s career is at risk when the Greenland oil dispute threatens to become an international crisis.

Receive on 6/3/2022

as the crow flies

A prominent news host looks back on her dazzling life when an aspiring intern begins sabotaging her work and sowing discord in her marriage.

Floor Is Lava: Season 2

The odds have changed but don’t worry – the floor is as red and bubbly as you remember. New this season: A very slippery volcano.

survive the summer

Expelled from school and exiled to Australia, a rebellious New York teen makes waves among a young surfer’s inner circle – and leaves a mess in his wake.


The last officer standing at a remote missile defense base fights for his life against terrorists targeting 16 stolen US nuclear weapons.

Mr. Good: Cop or Badass?

In this interesting document, when Norway’s top cop is suspected of drug trafficking, investigators must ask: is he a good officer or a prime criminal?

Receive on 6/6/2022

Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill

Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who KillA showcase featuring stand-up curated by Burr.

Featuring: Michelle Wolf, Jimmy Carr, Steph Tolev, Joe Bartnick, Jeff Ross, Dave Attel, Ian Edwards, Dean Delray, Jessica Kierson, Ronnie Cheung,

Action Pack: Season 2

Superheroes Clay, Wren, Trina and Watts are back to make new friends, fix things, and play nice to any villain in their hometown of Hope Springs!

Receive on 6/7/2022

this is my time with david letterman

This Is My Time with David Letterman, each of six episodes spotlighting a comedian, includes a 5-minute stand-up set and conversation with Letterman.

These include Rosebud Baker, Phil Wang, Sam Morrill, Brian Simpson, Robin Tran, Naomi Eckpargin.

Receive on 6/8/2022

baby fever

In this rom-com, a fertility doctor who intoxicates herself with her ex-boyfriend’s sperm tries to woo her back after she becomes pregnant.


When a failed basketball scout finds a potential superstar in Spain, he sets out to prove that the two have what it takes to make it in the NBA.

Gladbeck: The Hostage Crisis

In August 1988, two armed bank robbers keep German police at bay for 54 hours during a hostage play that ends in a shootout and three deaths.

Be Sweet: Pray and Follow

In 2008, a dramatic raid at the Earing for Zion ranch in West Texas attracted worldwide attention, as law enforcement agents uncovered surprising evidence of sexual, physical and psychological abuse and took 400+ children into custody. Directed by Emmy and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Rachel Dretzin, this documentary gives viewers an in-depth look at the rise of the secret polygamous denomination and self-proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ (FLDS) of Latter-day Saints. Warren Jeffs.

Take advantage 6/9/2022

Rhythm + Flow France (Episodes 1-4)

French rappers freestyle, fight and write their way to a game-changing 100,000 euro prize in a music competition series judged by Nisca, Shay and SCH.

Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration

Stand Out: LGBTQ+ Celebration is the largest gathering of LGBTQ+ comics ever. The historic festival showcased some of the best of LGBTQ+ comedy legends and emerging talent, hosted by Billy Eichner. Highlights include icon Annie DiFranco introducing Margaret Cho, Sarah Paulson introducing Tig Notaro, Lily Tomlin introducing Sandra Bernhard, Lena Waithe introducing Wanda Sykes, and Rosie O’Donnell closing the night.

get on 6/10/2022

first kill

It’s hard for teens Juliet and Calliope to fall in love: one is a vampire, the other a vampire hunter – and the two prepare to commit their first murder.

tree of peace

Four women from different backgrounds form an unbroken brotherhood while trapped and hiding during the genocide in Rwanda. Inspired by true events.


A leaked sex video of a promising politician serves as the catalyst for this story of four women crossing the fine line between public and private life.

Peaky Blinders: Season 6

Shelby has suffered a great loss. Four years later, the end of Prohibition turns Tommy into the opium trade, forcing him to ally with his worst enemies.

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute

A new special event straight from Netflix is ​​a joke comedy fest.

Received on 6/11/2022

Amy Schumer’s parenting advice

Parental Advisory from Amy Schumer, a showcase featuring stand-up curated by Schumer.

Featuring Lil Ril Howery, Chris DiStefano, Christina P, Ron Funches, Rachel Feinstein, Jay McBride

Received on 6/13/2022

Pete Davidson Presents: Best Friends

Pete Davidson Presents: Best FriendsA multi-comic special hosted and curated by Davidson.

Featuring Giulio Gallarotti, Neko White, Carly Aquilino, Joy Gay, Derek Gaines, Jordan Rock, Dave Cirrus

Charlie’s Colorforms City: Mighty Movie Adventures

Charlie creates funny stories using different shapes, and he needs your help! Come together for kid-friendly adventures here, there – and everywhere.

Charlie’s Colorforms City: Miss Weather and Friends

Charlie creates funny stories using different shapes, and he needs your help! Come together for kid-friendly adventures here, there – and everywhere.

Received on 6/14/2022

half the time

Global superstar Jennifer Lopez reflects on her multifaceted career and the pressures of life in the spotlight in this intimate documentary.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda introduce an all-female lineup of comedians.

Featuring Michelle Buteo, Cristella Alonzo, Margaret Cho, Heather McMahon, Tracy Ashley, Angela Johnson-Reyes, Iliza Schlesinger

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