Ommicron: In 100% of the Mumbai samples, Omicron, the variant excludes Delta. Mumbai News – Times of India

Mumbai: Subvariant of BA.2
">omicron The variant is now the major strain of coronavirus circulating in the city.
The latest round of genome sequencing, which studied 237 samples, found that most were affected by Omicron’s BA.2 and not one delta or his descendants.
“Omicron has rolled out the Delta version out of town. In the tenth round of genome sequencing, we did not find Delta in any of the samples. Maximum BA was found. 2 of Omicron version,” said additional municipal commissioner Suresh Kakani.
Omicron was detected in 94.7% of samples in the ninth round, while omicron was found in 89% of the samples in the eighth sequencing study.
The WHO recently stated that the Omicron version of the concern is currently prevalent globally. “Based on the available data on transmission, severity, reinfection, the ba.2 sublineage should be considered a variant of concern and should continue to be monitored as a separate subline of Omicron,” the WHO said on 22 February.
BMC The data showed that of the 237 people affected, 103 were not vaccinated, six were partially vaccinated and 128 were fully vaccinated. In the unvaccinated cohort, 17% needed hospitalization, two needed oxygen and one needed ICU Care. In comparison, from a fully immunized group of 128, 5% required hospitalization, one requiring oxygen and the other requiring ICU care. No deaths were recorded in the group.