Pakistan behind Amritpal Singh’s return to India: Report

Threatening Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Punjab servant Bhagwant Mann, this radical Sikh preacher was openly giving assurances to India and making statements about creating Khalistan. Also he talked about former Prime Minister Inspiration Gandhi and Sir Beant Singh, had killed Fine.

Inspiration Gandhi was killed by his own security bullet, while Bend Singh was killed by Shavak Singh, who acted as a human bomb. The hardline preacher claimed that in the present scenario of Punjab several alternatives were prepared.

Be it a rally in Tarn Taran on this year’s Republic Day or media interviews, he supported unityism and the formation of Khalistan outright.

Officials said it has launched Sikh youths as democrats, inciting them to resort to armed insurgency, in order to achieve the “ultimate goal” of formation of “Khalistan”. Adjectives that can be opposed to perfect behavior.

Along with this, during a function in the road of Moga district, Amritpal Singh had said that the people of Punjab run by non-Sikhs have no right to rule and the people of Punjab should be ruled only by Sikhs.

Also, Amrit Singh is projecting himself on the lines of terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was killed during Operation Blue Star in 1984, in his dress, mannerisms, wearing armed bodyguards and wearing the shield of religion.

Amritpal Singh is still here. He is alleged to have links with Lakhbir Singh Rode, who heads the International Sikh Youth Federation. Rode alleges fear of embarrassment in India (including exploration), attacks on politicians in New Delhi and hatred in Punjab.

Officials tracking his movements said Amritpal Singh was in touch with Rode’s brother Jaswant during his stay in Dubai. After returning to Punjab at the behest of the ISI, Singh took the help of Amrit Sanchar to set up his organisation. He said that later he started a campaign named ‘Khalsa Saman’ and strengthened his organization.

He instigated the issues of Punjab and started inciting the Sikhs against the government citing religion.

“The lower strata of the society and the aimless youth became soft targets for Singh and he started exploiting sentiments in the name of religion,” said a source.

Officials alleged that his efforts in the name of organizing Amrit ceremonies to connect Sikh youth with the religion were to create an army of unemployed youths, ready to take on the state.

He said that not paying heed to the rating of holy places like gurudwaras, his native army made almirahs in two gurudwaras to keep buried people buried and some furniture to sit on.

According to officials, their aim was to point Punjab back to the dark decades of militancy, which came off on a large scale and with many sacrifices.

Officials claimed that the organization led by Singh was receiving funds from Pakistan.

The radical Sikh preacher had inherited control of Punjab De Records with the help of his uncle Harjit Singh, thus making it a family-run organization.

He said that the so-called preachers were using Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji during the February movement and it was considered as a form of blasphemy.

This act of Singh was condemned by the entire Sikh community and after this incident Shri Akal Takht Sahib constituted a committee and ordered an inquiry into the matter.

Officials alleged that Singh Jathewar threatened them into silence by orchestrating a famine coup.

Singh had said in a statement that the Ajnala incident was “not violence” and threatened “real violence” in the future.

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