Parliament sees no ‘middle way’ to break deadlock as Opposition’s JPC demand ‘non-negotiable’: Jairam Ramesh

Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Saturday said he does not see any middle way to end the impasse in Parliament as there is no compromise on the opposition’s demand for a JPC probe into the Adani case and an apology for Rahul Gandhi’s statement. Is. The comment is not generated in the UK.

In an interview with PTI, Ramesh said the coming together of 16 opposition parties to demand a joint parliamentary probe into the Adani issue has rattled the government and is resorting to a “3D orchestrated campaign – distort, defame and divert” .

The former Union minister also hit out at BJP MP Nishikant Dubey’s attempts to disqualify Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha over his remarks in the UK, saying it was all part of an attempt to intimidate and divert attention from real issues.

The remarks by the Congress general secretary in charge of communications came amid a standoff in Parliament over Gandhi’s remarks during his recent visit to the UK after both houses failed to transact any significant business in the first five days of the second half of the budget session. .

Also on Friday, Home Minister Amit Shah said that the current deadlock in Parliament can be resolved if the opposition comes forward for talks and that the government will take “two steps forward” if the opposition takes “two steps forward”.

Asked whether there is any chance of finding a middle ground between the BJP, which is adamant on its demand for Rahul Gandhi’s apology and the JPC probe in the Adani case, to break the current impasse in Parliament, Ramesh said, “I There is no visible middle way as there can be no compromise on our JPC’s demand and the question of apology does not arise. What, the current Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) has repeatedly used forums in China, Germany, South Korea and various other parts of the world to raise domestic political issues and criticize his political opponents. they should apologize why Rahul Gandhi I apologize for exposing the state of democracy in our country today.”

Ramesh alleged that there was an ‘undeclared emergency’ in the country.

Asked about the BJP’s allegation that Gandhi sought interference from foreign countries, the Congress leader dismissed the allegation, calling it “complete nonsense and nonsense”.

He argued that whatever Gandhi said in the UK is a matter of record and videos and transcripts are available.

“He (Gandhi) was very clear, he said ‘India’s problems have to be solved internally through the electoral process, these are internal issues’. But he also said that democracy in India is a public good and if India If it is democratic, not only India benefits, but the world also benefits,” Ramesh said.

He said of the BJP’s allegation of foreign interference, “It is a lie, a complete lie that is being propagated by the BJP.”

Ramesh said that whatever comments are being made for the former Congress chief, he never said such a thing.

“What the BJP has been doing for the last few days is twisting Rahul Gandhi’s remarks to divert attention. This is Mr. Modi’s 3D orchestrated strategy – distort, infamous and divert. Why divert, because in this mega scam of Adani, involving crores and crores of rupees of LIC, SBI and other financial institutions and scam of crores of rupees, the evidence of complicity of ruling establishment, PM himself is increasing everyday. Indians are suffering because of this brotherhood,” alleged Ramesh.

Asked about BJP MP Dubey’s demand to expel Gandhi from the House for Gandhi’s remarks in Britain, Ramesh said, “It is a threat.” If they want to propose to the Speaker, they are welcome to do so. Mr Gandhi will answer.” As per Rule 357, Gandhi is allowed personal explanation in Parliament, Ramesh said, in 2015, allowing personal explanation to BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad in response to certain comments made against him by Jyotiraditya Scindia Who was then in Congress.

He alleged, “Yesterday the microphone was off for about 15 minutes, it was a collective silence.”

On disruption instead of debate becoming the norm, Ramesh said the opposition does not have a say as it is not allowed to discuss issues like Adani, China as well as economic matters.

“One of the fundamental rules of parliamentary democracy is that the opposition must have its say and the government must obey. We know we don’t have the numbers in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, but we are not even allowed to speak and now there is an attempt to malign the opposition by saying that the opposition is responsible (for the adjournment) ,” They said.

Ramesh said that the ruling party forced the adjournment, not the opposition.

During his talks in Britain, Gandhi alleged that the structure of Indian democracy was under attack and that the country’s institutions were under “a full-scale assault”. Lok Sabha when an opposition member raises important issues.

Gandhi’s remarks sparked a political backlash, with the BJP accusing him of defaming India on foreign soil and seeking foreign interference, and the Congress citing examples of Modi raising internal politics abroad on the ruling party. Retaliated by giving.

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