Police hooter spreading panic among criminals, Yogi stresses on ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ against crime in UP

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday reiterated his “tough stand” on crime in Uttar Pradesh and said a police hooter himself should instill fear among criminals and make them “tremble”. Adityanath outlined his “intolerance” policy on crime and in dealing with criminals, saying there should be better patrolling at night.

According to a report published in times of IndiaThe Chief Minister was reviewing the law and order situation in Baghpat as well as the development works. Criminals should not be spared under any circumstances. We have taken a pledge to eliminate criminals in UP from day one and our government is doing it.

Adityanath encouraged better communication with public representatives and to connect more and more people with government schemes. He also said that this would help in creating a more robust system of redressal of grievances in a time bound manner.

The Chief Minister witnessed a presentation on the various stages of progress in development works in the Western UP district and explained about the various campaigns of the State Government. Adityanath lauded projects like Sajal Baghpat Abhiyan and Baghpat Khel Vikas Abhiyan and said private schools should focus more on sports.

“Sports competitions should be encouraged even at the district level,” he said, adding that funds for school uniforms should be better utilized through effective communication between teachers and parents. Emphasizing on cleanliness in schools, the Chief Minister said that schools should have separate toilets for boys and girls, and all should have an alumni council.

The Chief Minister is reviewing the districts to monitor the law and order situation and the progress of various development works. Yogi also talked about providing employment to the youth through job fair, plastic ban and cleanliness.

He said, “Beacon should not be lit in government buildings without any reason. Responsible for saving electricity
We all. Everyone has to take care that it is not misused. Sometimes the street lights are turned off during the day. It has to be curbed in the interest of the country and the state,” he was quoted as saying.

times of India The article mentions that the CM met the players at the Multisports Stadium in Mavi Kalan village, where he interacted with Arjuna Award winners, international and national players. He felicitated 30 sportspersons and interacted with them on the problems faced by them and told them about the government schemes which can be beneficial for them.

He also inaugurated a “Health ATM” at the Community Health Center in Baghpat. It will provide rapid diagnostic screening for skin, nose, ear, eye, blood pressure, fever, ECG, HIV, cholesterol, thyroid and blood sugar.
Others according to the report. During his visit Yogi also inquired about the health and well being of “Shooter Dadi” Prakashi Tomar.

A few days ago, on a similar review tour in Bijnor, Adityanath had said that UP had become “danga-free and “apradha-free”. He said the state was a preferred destination for investors.

“There was no riot in the last five-and-a-half years. Huge investment is taking place in the state and employment opportunities are being created. Now highways and expressways are being built in Uttar Pradesh. impunity And non-dischargeHe had cited the latest National Crime Records Bureau report to say that no communal riot had taken place under him.

He had also said that Uttar Pradesh has made tremendous progress in the last five-and-a-half years due to the restoration of the rule of law in the state.

Adityanath is a firm believer in “bulldozer justice”, where he asked state officials to demolish illegal buildings belonging to those linked to “rioters”.

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