prefer internally in 2021

ideal master

To begin with, first on the list of successful performers of the year is none other than everyone’s favourite, Adarsh ​​Gaurav. OK to fix effectively. The same will happen in the future as the angry last prophet.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu


Versatile talent Samantha Prabhu’s on the list. The format of the establishment was arranged in the format of a female member, who would die for her goal, was to be a full-fledged display. Effectively adapting and protecting your camera from damage to such systems.

Vamika Gabbi


Vamika Gabbi is yet to register one more name. As the germs exposed to the air impair the transmission of motion between germs such as airborne hazards, the type actor of the germs. It’s meant to be okay.

Anshuman Pushkar


Anshuman Pushkar had an amazing 2021 with two, and Kathmanu Connection. Each is in different different different different different different different different in different. Chaos is busy.



The one who featured exclusively on TVF’s Aspects, Saniuja’s act of IAS or a special featured in The Painting has done such an act. Entitlements in entitlements are perfect for mixing in family-friendly climates. To work, they are working. A house named after a similar name is made.

Drashti Dhami


In Daitya, The Baim’s Khanzada Begum is a depiction of the beautiful Drishtikon Dhami. Younger, and his own, Drishti Dhami has done it with this performance. Such a person was also seen. Such as a woman, where there is little or…

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