PSG midfielder Idrisa Guay hailed as a ‘hero’ for boycotting rainbow flag in Senegal

Sadio Mane̵

7;s new advisor Bekri Sisse has revealed that PSG midfielder Idrisa Guay was “considered as a hero” after allegedly refusing to wear the rainbow flag in Senegal last month.

Despite traveling with the group, Gué did not participate in PSG’s Ligue 1 match against Montpellier. The match was won by PSG 4–0 but the Senegal international did not even come in as a substitute.

After the match, PSG gaffer Mauricio Pochettino said that Guay had to leave the team sheet “for personal reasons,” but added that his absence was not due to injury.

French media outlet RMC Sport then made a scathing claim that Guye’s absence was due to a boycott of the rainbow flag, which is a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community and movement. On the weekend when PSG were to play Montpellier, all Ligue 1 matches had to wear rainbow flags on players’ jersey numbers and captains’ armbands in honor of the ‘World Day Against Homophobia’.

This was not the first time a midfielder had missed a match for no reason. In 2020, Guy missed a match on a day that was dedicated to raising awareness against discrimination given the same “personal reasons”.

Speaking to RMC Sport and Goal, Sisse said that the whole incident was just a misunderstanding.

“Let us not forget that Guaye was born in Senegal. That is where he grew up and was educated there. We (Senegales) respect everything that others do, but we do not follow them in their culture.” do.”, Sisse said.

“Today, Guay enjoys the total support of all Senegals, all Africans. In this case, we should not stigmatize the boy. He cannot justify this gesture. Of course, in Senegal he was regarded as a hero Guye is a hero to us. If Guy had done otherwise, what would we have said? We would have been more shocked,” he said.

The ethics board of the French football federation explicitly demanded that Gué should explain why he left the sport.

“This absence (against Montpellier) is very widely interpreted as a refusal to participate. It is one of two things, either the hypotheses are unfounded and we would like you to immediately quell these rumours.” We invite you to express yourself whether the rumors are true. In this case, we ask you to be aware of the implications of your actions and a very serious error made.” The FFF Ethics Board wrote in a letter to Guye.

The PSG midfielder has not made an official statement on the matter and according to Marka, the matter will now be resolved internally.

Recently, Crystal Palace player Chekhou Koyte sparked outrage after praising his compatriot and calling him a “real man” on Instagram and writing in the caption, “We totally support you, brother”. The post was later taken down by Senegal International.

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