Record food grains estimated at 330.5 million tonnes for 2022-23 crop year: Govt

New Delhi [India]May 26 (ANI): The Third Advance Estimates of production of major crops for the agricultural year 2022-23 has been released by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. The total food grain production in the country is estimated to be a record 330.5 million tonnes which is about 15 million tonnes more than the previous year 2021-22.

The estimation of production of various crops is based on the feedback received from the States and validated with information available from other sources. This assessment will be further revised on successive estimates based on feedback and inputs.

As per the 3rd Advance Estimates, the estimated production of major crops for 2022-23 is as follows:

Among food grains, record rice (135.5 million tonnes), wheat (112.7 million tonnes) and maize (35.9 million tonnes) are expected to be produced.

The total production of rice during 2022-23 is estimated to be a record 135.5 million tonnes. This is 6.7 million tonnes more than the previous year.

Oilseeds are also expected to record 41 million tonnes. Crop wise, groundnut, soybean, rapeseed and mustard can be seen at 10.2 million tonnes, 14.9 million tonnes and 12.4 million tonnes respectively.

Sugarcane production is also expected to register 494.2 million tonnes. (ANI)

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